Traditional vs Progressive Schools: Q and A

When I check my blog statistics, a fair share of parents (specially moms) visit the site because they are either curious on what progressive schools are compared to traditional schools or if the school they’re considering meet the standards of what a progressive school is. I’m glad that the parents are making extra time to really understand what progressive schools are to help them decide on what school to choose for their children.

I first saw our school’s name in the forum of Mom Exchange, a Filipino website specifically designed to help Moms with various topics on motherhood. One particular post which mentioned our school’s name is a post entitled “Traditional vs. Progressive Schools”, which outlined a chart presented by Teacher Didi Manahan of Explorations School in Mandaluyong, Philippines. The post doesn’t actually pit the two types of schools but rather show the moms the difference between the two, Why? Well, because Traditional Schools in Manila is the norm while Progressive Schools are the new kids on the block. It is easier to understand something new if it is compared against something you’ve known for a long time. The post itself has gained around 600 comments since it was posted last year.

The questions of the mommies are very interesting and shows that there is still a need to spread the word about progressive education.

Do you have questions about progressive education? Do you want to know specific differences between Traditional and Progressive Schools? Do you want recommendations on schools in your area? This is our very first Q and A post. You are welcome to post your questions about progressive education in the comment section. As a token of our appreciation, every poster will get an e-book I wrote entitled “I Love to Read! — A Progressive Approach in Encouraging your Child to Read”. So hurry and ask that question!

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  1. Hi teacher Tina. I’ve seen the same forum a couple of months ago. I realized that there is really a need to educate parents about progressivism, primarily, the basics of the progressive philosophy. It is truly a Herculean task to advocate a new type of education, as we are facing a pillar of traditional ideology, culture and experiences.

    To start of this post, I thought of one question that most parents are concerned with:

    “Why is play an essential component in progressive preschools?”

    Looking forward to promoting this advocacy with you in the near future:)


  2. Just want to share something. After reading your blog re progressive schools i came to realize that it’s a lot like the school my kids go to here in Canada. Its’ a public catholic school. My kids went to a traditional school (in Katipunan..i bet u have an idea which one) before we moved to Canada. And at first i can’t help but compare the school in… Read More katips and the school here and i was getting worried cause the lessons here are not as structured and almost no homeworks BUT later on we realized that they retained whatever they learned in school much better, they are so smart and analytical, they don’t memorize info but they actually understand it and the best part is they have never been happier about going to school and they’re more active but never tired when they come home. I guess you’re wondering what my point is…. it’s you are doing your students and parents a great service cause i’m pretty sure ur kids not only learn but love going to school and as a parent that’s very important

  3. Thanks for starting the comment thread, Tanya! I think play nowadays is underrated. Play is essential not only for progressive schools but ALL schools giving early childhood education.

    Since progressive schools value the developmental traits of children, then they also believe in the importance of play in this stage of the child’s development. Progressive schools give importance to process more than product and the process of children is PLAY in order for them to enjoy what the school is teaching them.

    Thanks again, Tanya! I’ll send your e-book through your e-mail address 🙂

  4. Thanks Teacher Tina.

    I recently read this book, “Playing to get smart” by betty jones. Betty Jones is a faculty here at my school (Pacific Oaks College) and is considered to be an institution when it comes to play in early childhood.

    This book challenged me to think beyond the nature of play, and how this ties in to a child’s total development. As the title states it, play provides the essential and fundamental experiences that a child needs in order to be competent at present and moreover, in the latter years of his life.

    Teacher, have you read this book? I’ll share it with you when I come home. It’s a must for every educator and even for parents as well.:)

    God bless.

  5. I’m excited to read it, Tanya! Please get me a copy and I’ll pay you when we see each other 🙂 Have a blessed trip next week!

  6. Hi Teacher Tina,

    I’m a first time parent and Ziggy (Robins Class) being our first and only child is a first time “schooler”. We went straight to nest primarily because we live next door and see/hear activities you have been doing the past year 🙂

    I like the fact that there aren’t too many students to a class and the fact that it’s not “structured.” I’ve seen my youngest sister getting tired of school way too early because she started school at 4 (when we usually started at 5 or 6) and everything was structured and traditional.

    I do have a question, how do kids from progressive schools fare when they transfer or start going to a traditional school for grade school or even high school?

    I’m sure they’d get a little too used to not being “graded” like traditional schools do, no tests to prepare for every quarter or so and no comparisons between classmates (straight A student vs. average to struggling student).


  7. Thanks for your comment, Mommy Hazel!

    Your question on how progressive school students fare in traditional schools is the usual question from parents. There are people saying that students of progressive schools have a hard time adjusting in traditional schools because they’re not used to the competitive nature of testing.

    First, let me say that testing is to check for mastery of skill. It should not be used to compare one student to another. It is only to check how a child was able to assimilate the knowledge, he learned in school.

    So if it is mastery of skill that is tested, studies show that children from progressive schools have mastered their skills more because it was taught to them in a way that they enjoy and can easily be remembered.

    I think the usual issues that children of progressive children have when they transfer to traditional schools are more on the socio-emotional domain. In progressive schools, they are encouraged to speak their minds, they have strong relationships with their classmates and teachers and their individuality is highlighted. Hopefully, the traditional schools they transfer to will also prioritize these issues.

    If you have more questions, Mommy Hazel, don’t hesitate to post them 🙂 I’ll send your e-book via your e-mail address.

  8. Hi Teacher Tina,

    I would like to ask if mixing mentally-challenged children for main-streaming in a regular progressive class in gradeschool would have a detrimental effect on the other kids’ development? Is this true?

  9. Thanks for your comment Angela! If what you mean by “mentally-challenged” are that of children with Special Needs or under a Special Education Program, then my answer to your question if there is a detrimental effect on the classmates is a definite NO.

    So far, I have noticed that the classmates of a SpEd student are noticeably more accepting with other children’s differences, and more open to helping or teaching their classmate out. The progressive teacher and school should be able to encourage these values.

    Cognitively, if the progressive school has an individualized curriculum or a curriculum specifically designed for each child’s strength and weakness, then each child in class is given activities suited to their skills. There is no degression or demotion that will occur.

    Sadly, there are a lot of schools accepting children with Special Needs even if they are not trained to handle them. A school, first of all, should have a SpEd teacher in its staff. Secondly, the school itself should have a SpEd permit from the Dept of Education to be able to accept children with Special Needs. And lastly, a school should not accept a SpEd case that they clearly cannot handle. However, a lot of schools accept students on the basis of their need for more students and do not apply for the necessary permits to be able to accept SpEd students.

    This is a great question and needs an individual post altogether. Thanks again for this, Angela. I’ll send your e-book through your e-mail address.

  10. Hi Teacher Tina…

    I guess I’m the “first daddy” to post a comment around here (“,). Anyway, when I chanced upon your blog, I tried to digest every info about the Progressive School System. I am at a crossroads with regards to where I’m going to enroll my eldest kid this coming school year. And I guess, “discovering” your blog is very timely indeed.

    I was exposed to two of the top4 universities in the Metro (which is Traditional to the letter T!) and now ruminating all these talks on Progressive Education shifted my viewpoints. I guess there’s a big possibility for my eldest child to take the “Progressive Route” instead.

    And now for my query– from a scale of 1 to 10 — How does the local Progressive Schools measure up vis-à-vis the other Asian countries? Can our local system really sustain the development of the communication-socio-emotional-physical-cognitive domains up to “high school” level? Aside from your school, can you further identify the top2 Progressive Schools in Quezon City (if possible only)?

    Thanks and Great Job! (“, )

  11. Thanks for your comment, Daddy Arvin! We all, I guess, came from a traditional school and the good news is that, presently, we have other choices.

    If you’re asking me to rate Progressive Education in the country, I would rate it in different ways. If the teachers in the progressive schools come from UP Family Life and Child Development (FLCD) or was trained by a FLCD director or principal, then I rate them a 10. Ironically, other Asian countries are benefiting from our human resources because countries like Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong always prefer Filipino teachers..specially if they graduated from UP FLCD, because our Asian neighbors already know the benefits of progressive education. I even had a teacher who was hired in Finland! I’m sure it was because of her progressive background, or as they call it in other countries, developmental. If the curriculum is strong and the teachers are well-trained, the Philippine progressive school ranks high in Asia.

    For your second question, Community of Learners (COLF), a progressive school in Quezon City, already has a progressive high school. Reaching this level is what every progressive school aspires for. COLF gives us hope because a few years back, there were no Progressive Elementary Schools.. and now we have had the opportunity to open elementary mainly because of the results of progressive preschool education.

    Lastly, aside from our school, Nest, and COLF, there is also The Learning Tree in Sikatuna Village. I suggest you visit our schools because I assure you that the administration will take time to explain the philosophy to you.

    I congratulate you for being involved in the education of your child. Ordinarily, we would have mothers doing this. Your child is blessed indeed!

    Hope to meet you soon! I’ll send your e-book through your e-mail address.

    1. Teacher Tina, this is sooo informative. Thanks so much!
      My 5 yr old son is currently enrolled at The Learning Tree (TLT) PreSchool in Cubao. We are very happy w/ TLT; their progressive, student-centered, approach suits my son, who is an only child. He passed the Ateneo Prep exam and while we originally wanted him to study in Ateneo, seeing his progress at TLT, we now have reservations. This stems from 2 things: 1,Ateneo is not coed; 2, large class size/traditional approach. We are not so sure that our son’s needs will be understood and met in this type of class environment.

      On the other hand, while we have no complains about TLT Pre-School, we are not so happy about the facilities/limited space at TLT Grade School in Sikatuna. We also recently heard concerns about the relatively short school hours (though they have before & after-school enrichment activities). Also, since the entrance exam to the GS is competitive, there is a “slim chance” that our son will not be accepted to grade 1 after he finishes senior kinder next SY. (This has happened to some TLT pre-school grads before.)We are also apprehensive if our son will have adjustment problems when he transfers to a big school like Ateneo in HS.

      Would appreciate your advice. Thanks so much!

      1. Hi Fizzy! Thanks for dropping by. My kids went to The Learning Tree and I have nothing but good words for Teacher Francie and the staff.

        I understand your concern regarding the facilities. Since most progressive schools are started by individuals or small groups of owners, it is difficult to spend for a bigger physical environment. However, progressive schools compensate by either having several exposure trips, sports activities done outside the campus, etc. The lack of space is really something we have to pray that ALL progressive schools may have. I think this is why most progressive schools are in QC. Property is less expensive.

        Regarding the schools hours, I believe it is not the number of hours but rather the quality of hours. Since the activities in The Learning Tree and most progressive schools are interactive, hands-on and experiential, a few minutes of progressive activity beats the traditional paper-and-pencil activity. The fact that you are happy with his stay in the TLT, I’m sure you have seen the school’s strong curriculum.

        Regarding your last concern, I believe that if a student came from the preschool, he or she should be able to attend the grade school except if there are rules regarding learning disabilities or special needs. I think this is also what I want to suggest to TLT. I would advice that you still try for TLT grade school. At least you have options.

        Don’t fear the chance that your son may enter Ateneo. Usually, families who went to progressive schools and are now in big schools, miss the close knit community from which they came from. I think your son would only adjust to the size but this, like any other concern, can be overcome. I’ve had students transfer to big schools, and and they are adjusting pretty well. Mainly because their confidence level was already nurtured in a progressive school.

        My advice is to be in tune with your son and pray on your decision because wherever your son goes, I’m sure TLT has prepared him for it.

        If you have other questions, please feel free to ask. We also have a seminar in March that you may want to attend. Thank you!

      2. Teacher Tina, thank you so much. We will always be grateful for this. Your blogs are wonderful. I am sure the well-researched information and thoughtful insights you generously share is a God-sent to thousand of parents.

        We fully agree with you re: TLT, Teacher Francie, all the teachers and staff. They are great! My son has spent 3 wonder-filled happy years at the TLT Pre-School and we feel blessed for having ‘stumbled’ into this school and community. Ang babait ng mga tao — at ng mga bata — dito. We feel specially blessed that our son had Teacher Paulette Aquino for 2 years. She has been a wonderful friend and teacher to my son, providing him with a challenging yet supportive learning environment that responds to his developmental needs. My son has had 3 pre-school teachers (he begun schooling at 1.5 years), but Teacher Paulette is simply a cut above the rest. I know since I spent a lot of time at the preschools (TLT & the 1st preschool we tried) watching my son expand his horizons.

        God bless, and more power to you! Best wishes on your advocacy, and NEST. Wish I had heard of your preschool 4 yrs ago 😉

  12. Hi Teacher Tina,

    First off, thank you for your very informative blog! It’s very helpful for parents like me who are always striving to make sure that their kids get the best education.

    My 8-year old daughter is currently in Grade 3 in a traditional school, but my husband and I would like to explore moving her to a progressive school because we feel that her learning is not maximized in the traditional school environment. Having gone to a somewhat progressive preschool, she had an extremely difficult time adjusting when we transferred her to a traditional big school for grade school level and we noticed that her interest in school had significantly dropped ever since.

    We live in Paranaque, and I would extremely appreciate it if you can suggest some options for progressive grade schools in the south area — ideally those that also go all the way to high school so that we won’t have to transfer our daughter again for high school.

    Thanks so much and more power to you!

    Best regards,

  13. Thanks for visiting, Mommy Kaycee! I’m curious why you said that you feel that her learning is not maximized in the traditional school. Can you be more specific as to what you noticed because other readers might be noticing the same things from their children.

    Interest in school usually wavers if the teachers do not make it a priority to make education more interesting to their students or if the activities are not creatively planned.

    You may contact teacher Tintin Canon of Learning Paths School in Paranaque at 8288380. She’s also from the Family Life and Child Development department of UP. According to Teacher Tintin, they have a parent orientation on January 17.

    Hope this helps! Keep visiting the site 🙂

  14. hi teacher tina,
    This is my first time to comment on your blogs, and WOW! i am really so thankful that you share the same belief about teaching and learning that we espouse in our schools too. One of the main principles that continue to attract me to the progressive philosophy is how it nurtures individual differences. The small class ratio and the integration of concepts truly make the subject areas (math, reading, science…) meaningful to the students. And of course, any meaningful experience is learned, relearned and applied in other aspects of life. That i think is the best part. Kids always feel that there is a point to what they are studying in school.
    As parents, we have many concerns about non-traditional methods of teaching. the Philippines have yet to make that paradigm shift in terms of education. As such, our schools, Create and Learning Paths will have a Parenting and teaching seminar on “Teaching Kids Stuff That Matter” on January 17, 2009 2-5 pm at the Clubhouse of Raya Gardens. The seminar supports your advocacy for the progressive philosophy. it will also touch on matters such as what should schools teach our children in this day and age. our speaker is Dr. Dina Ocampo of the UP Reading Education Department and Prof. Gizelle Legaspi of UAP. For our part, I and my colleagues will be discussing the benefits of progressive schools versus traditional schools. Seminar fee is P300 for parents and P500 for teachers/professionals. email or for registration forms.
    Teacher Tina, thank you so much for this blogsite. you are a great inspiration to teachers like us who truly believe that the student should be at the center of the curriculum and not the other way around. God bless you and more power to you and NEST!


    teacher tin Canon

  15. hi t. tina,

    i’m a graduate of flcd. my boss and i are putting up a preschool here in the province. having been exposed to progressivism, I am envisioning our preschool to take the progressive path as I believe it’s the best way to go re preschool education…

    the thing is, I feel a bit challenged and incapable of teaching the progressive way. I graduated in 2004 and my “connection” with flcd, progressivism, etc ended when I left the university. It was because I never took it to heart to become a preschool teacher.

    But some things in the last four years made me ralize that the one thing I’ve avoided is the same thing I’d like to pursue now. The last four years I spent teaching elementary and college students were indeed an eye opener for me… That I cannot run away from what I was made for – that is to teach.

    And having worked with preschool children since July, I found myself growing passionate with teaching young children in particular…

    I believe that good teachers are both born and made. While I believe my dedication comes naturally, I still think I have to make myself a more equipped preschool teacher. I still need to be better when it comes to the “whats” especially curriculum planning and development.

    In this regard, may I ask for your suggestions as to how I can improve myself on this area. Are there any books or websites you can recommend?

    Thank you so much for the help you are extending to all of us..

    More power to you and your staff…..


  16. Hi SCJ! The Lord also placed teaching my heart in such a unique way. I was a corporate employee, with no dream of being a teacher, for 5 years. Then I retired after giving birth to my 2nd child. My eldest then was in UP-CDC. I was fascinated with how they taught the children that I aspired to be like them! The rest is history.. I pray that God blesses you always with this career choice because it is indeed a calling!

    Going to your inquiry.. My professors in UP encouraged me to write about progressive education because there was little literature about it specially here in the country. However, some books impressed me. My favorites are:

    1. What is Progressive Education by Washburne. Can you believe this was written in 1952?! It gives a simplified explanation for teachers and parents on what progressive education is.

    2. Another good book is Beginnings and Beyond by Gordon is also good to read because it gives an overview in program practices.

    3. You should definitely have the Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP) of the NAEYC because it gives details on how developmentally appropraite programs should be carried out.

    4. When you start out your school, make sure you have the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale by Harms, Clifford and Cryer because it gives a rating scale for your school.

    5. Don’t forget to have a copy of DECS 107. You can get it from this site.

    6. For a website, of course, please visit our site often 🙂 I promise that we will give more information geared towards teachers and parents about progressive education.

  17. Hi Tina!

    This is really interesting and has become an eye opener to me. I would want our little Mico to go to a progressive school too. Can you suggest any schools in the Rizal area?

    I will share this with some of the other parents that I know so that this can help them choose the best school for their children as well.

    Thanks and if only NEST were only near my area, I would definitely enroll him there…so that he can be classmates with Rafa! 🙂

    Thanks again!

  18. hi teacher tina!!!!kindly help me abt my topic in curriculum designing in our country,philippines…for preschoolers…tnx a lot and God bless….

  19. Hi Teacher Tina.

    I am currently scouting for a progressive school where I can transfer my 2 boys.

    We’re living abroad and will be repatriating to Philippines by end of the yr. The school they are enrolled ends in June and starts again in August. We were wondering what’s best for them, i.e. go back and start school in June or transfer by January 2010. We would prefer the latter so as not to be away from the family but was curious if they will be accepted in the middle of the school yr. Appreciate if you can give us advise on this matter.

    We plan to visit your school sometime March or April during our home leave.

    Thanks and God Bless!

    1. Hi Allo! Thanks for visiting the site. If your 2 boys are in preschool level, there is no issue coming in in the middle of the Philippine school year (June to March). If the preschool still has slots and can accommodate your boys, I see no problem. However, if they are in elementary, I would advise for your to start school in June. Rarely do elementary schools allow transferees in the middle of the school year mainly because grade documentation for the Department of Education becomes difficult. My concern for your boys returning in June 2009, however, is your absence. They may need your presence in this adjustment period. If you decide to come back in January 2010, then they will enter in June 2010. Bring all your sons’ school documents, in order for the school you choose in Manila can incorporate these documents to theirs for submission to the Department of Education.

      I hope this helps. Feel free to post more questions. We can’t wait to meet you this summer. God bless!

  20. hi teacher tina.

    i chanced upon your blog through facebook and i want to thank you for writing about progressive schools. i’ve been reading about it for some time now through the internet but it was only through your blog that i really understood it better.

    i’m currently looking for a progressive pre-school for my daughter who will be 2 years and 6 months by june. my preference is one that would also teach her mandarin or fookien. would you know of any?

    thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Mommie-p! Thanks for visiting the site! You can post your questions about the progressive philosophy if you have any.

      What area do you live in? I’ll suggest a school near your place.

  21. i’m looking in the areas of new manila, tomas morato, sta. mesa heights, san juan and mandaluyong.

    i’ll surely post to you my questions on the progressive method. i’m just putting my thoughts together for now 🙂


      1. hello teacher tina, im a dad of a 10 yr old boy who just got diagnose of “probably mental retardation” moderate….we live in meycauyan bulacan and i just wanna ask if there is a school within that area where i could enroll my kid…..manila will be far for my kid to travel everyday so i ask you if you could help me….
        looking forward for you reply , again godbless and thank you, you’ll be hearing more of me the coming days since i have lots of thing to leArn from you maam

        daddy nice

  22. thanks teacher tina. i’ll check out those sites.

    have you also heard of a school called Yu Ming in Mandaluyong?

    what’s a good ratio of teacher to student for a progressive class, if the teacher needs to be able to observe the student’s individual intererests in order to develop on each one of them?

    1. Yu Ming is a traditional preschool with mandarin classes. They prepare the kids to enter st Jude , ica and Xavier.

  23. Mommie-p,

    I haven’t heard of Yu Ming but if I do learn something about it, I’ll post it here.

    An acceptable teacher:student ratio according to the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), an association advocating developmentally appropriate programs for children, is 1:10 or smaller for a maximum group of 20 preschool children. Fewer children per teacher and smaller groups of children are required to meet the criteria for younger age groups.

  24. hi,teacher tina.. thanks for the information. What is the

    appropriate age for child to enter a progressive school? And

    do you know if there are progressive schools here in bulacan?

    1. jc, when a parent asks me how young can a child enter our school, I return the question to them. Do you feel your child needs the company of other children because he/she is an only child? Do you provide activities at home that simulate a learning environment like reading, painting, etc.? If all these needs are met then you don’t have to be pressured to enroll your child at an early age. Enjoy him/her at home 🙂 He/She can wait until he’s around 4. However, we have noticed increased levels of cognitive ability and creativity with the children that we have had in our school since the age of 2 1/2.

      At our school, we have a Toddler class of 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 year olds who meet thrice a week. We attract the ire of some grandparents who think we’re duping them for convincing their children to put in their “apos” early in school! We explain to them that learning is different in a progressive school! Age is irrelevant because the activities are developmental and age-appropriate.

      Unfortunately, I don’t know of any progressive school in Bulacan. What we are pursuing right now is to educate as much school directors, teachers and other practitioners on the Progressive Philosophy for them to implement them in their own schools. I will surely post it here if I find a school in your area.

      Keep on visiting this site for more info! Thanks!

  25. Hi! Thanks so much for putting up this website. My daughter is currently enrolled in a traditional school with a good reputation but I am quite disappointed with it and would like to shift to a progressive grade school. I’ve heard of Domy Schola and Britesparks and would like to hear your opinions about these schools. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jette! Thanks for visiting the site. What exactly is your concern in your daughter’s current school?

      Anyway, Domu Schola is the grade school of Second Mom in Pasig, beside Brent. I am not familiar with their philosophy, though. Britesparks is a progressive international school run by a former classmate in FLCD, Teacher Jeff.

      I suggest you visit the school you’re interested in and bring your daughter along. Ask the questions recommended by this blog and have a feel of the place and the staff. After your visit, if you still have questions, post them here and I’ll gladly answer them 🙂 Happy scouting!

  26. Hi! My daughter is 5 years old and studying in ICA. San Juan. She is having a hard time remembering lessons for the monthy test for Kinder 1. It seems that she is overwhelmed with the number of items she has to remember in the tests while her classmates find it easy, Is the progressive school such as Keys a more appropriate school for her? She forgets what is taught to her in classrooms and at home. Is it also ok to see a developmental pediatrician about this? Or to just let it be as part of growing up?

    1. Hi Mommy Kathy! Thanks for visiting our site!

      What kind of tests are given monthly? I find her very young to take tests so often. Learning is not the same as memorization. Unfortunately, a lot of traditional schools use tests as basis for numeric grading only and not to encourage TRUE learning. I wouldn’t worry about your child as I would worry about the testing system of her present school. 5-year-olds are not expected to remember so much. If her classmates do, they would usually forget the details right after the test. So the memorization is for test success only and not for real learning 😦

      If you’re interested in Keys, I believe you should visit the school and ask its directress Teacher Didi Manahan your questions. I’m sure she will be able to answer them 🙂

  27. Thanks for the information.

    I really felt that the traditional school is not compatible with my daughter’s capabilities. Her non-verbal abilities, such as art skills and social skills, are not much appreciated in that school.

    I would think of your comments highly when my daughter is having difficulty in school.

    My husband decided to have it another year in ICA. If she did not improve then she would be transferred to another school.

    Your comments are very helpful.

    1. Sorry to butt in. My daughter is in ica too.I suggest you speak with your daughter’s preschool principal as they are the best people to gauge and give you advice if progressive is better for your daughter. Your daughter spent two years with them, right? They should know. From experience., Preschool principals give the best advice.

  28. Hi Teacher Tina,

    are we related ? 😉 anyway i would like to inquire regarding create learning center and its academic program for pre school. We live in Moonwalk Paranaque area. My daughter is turning 4 this june 2009.

    I am interested if the progressive school approach is for my daughter instead of sending her to a traditional school which we are accustomed to. My friend whose daughter attends Bridge School raves about progressive school.

    My husband and I recently observed classes at Maria Montessori in Merville but he was not impressed with the activities / materials for the children. I guess he was used to structure.

    The current preschool my daughter attends to has that structure although i noticed that at 3 1/2 years old she still cannot write the alphabet.

    I hope you can help me. I really hope to find a good school for my daughter. also what is your toddler class all about ? my son is 2 years old and loves to go to school with my daughter. I am also thinking of sending him to school.

    thank you very much . hoping to hear from you.
    thank you.


  29. Hi Mommy Eliza! Thanks for visiting.. My husband’s family is from Bicol. You’ll never know, we really might be related! Anyway, Create’s directress Teacher Tin Canon has a comment on this thread. It’s worth a read 🙂 You may call them at 8288380.

    You mentioned that you noticed that the 3 1/2 year olds at your school are not writing the alphabet. At that age, they’re not expected to, progressively. If some of them can, then that’s fine but I just hope they were not forced into it but rather encouraged depending on their fine motor skill level. Here’s an article that you can read about progressive education that may help you

  30. Hi teacher tina!
    I’m a single parent and my daughter is currently enrolled in a traditional school, very traditional I must say. Eventhough she’s only 4 and on her first year of schooling, I’ve noticed that she has already learned a lot. However, I feel that they are unconsciously putting pressure not only on their students, but to us parents as well to keep up with their method and pace of teaching. I feel that she’s too young to feel the kind of pressure brought about by their weekly quizzes, summative tests and quarterly exams, not to mention the homeworks given almost on a daily basis.

    I’ve always believed in the progressive method but being a single mom, I don’t have enough finances yet to send my daughter to a progressive school. I’ve always prayed for guidance in finding a good school for my child. Eventhough I knew it was a long shot, I applied my daughter at UP-CDC some weeks ago. My prayer was answered when last week, I received a call from UP-CDC informing me that my child will be given a slot for next school year. I feel blessed knowing that my child will be in good hands come next school year. I’m sorry for my long post but I would just like to ask for some information and insights on this school. I tried to check if they have a website but I don’t think they have one.

    I truly admire you and I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights to everyone. May God bless you more, teacher tina! Thank you 🙂

    1. Siobhan, what a blessing that you got in UP-CDC! What inspired me to teach was when my daughter was given the ONLY slot in the 5’s class of UP-CDC years back! Your child is in good progressive hands, indeed 🙂 Thanks for your kind words. I was a single parent for 3 years before I met my wonderful husband. I admire your strength and wisdom and I pray that the Lord be with you in this journey always.

  31. Hi! I’m a mom of a precocious 2-yr-old boy who is now enrolled in the toddler’s program of Cambridge Binondo. I grew up studying in what I thinks was, and still is, the most traditional school in Manila. It was so strict in that school, there were even video cameras inside the classrooms and hallways. We had tests everyday, and the thought of failing a quiz or an exam would make me break out in cold sweat and give my heart terrible palpitations. “What would my teachers, my classmates, the principal, and most especially my parents think of me if I fail????” I was lucky that circumstances led my parents to transfer me to a different school after 6th grade. It was still a traditional school, but the atmosphere was more relaxed and we had more extracurricular activities, less tests, and less homework. For the first time in many years, I wasn’t dreading going to school. I was really happy and having fun, and I started to excel in academics as well as in other school activities. I graduated at the top of my class and got into one of the best universities in Manila. I know my experience ended well, but I really hope my son would not have to go through the stress and agony that I went through while studying in a strictly traditional school. My problem is that Cambridge’s program only goes up to kindergarten and I do not know of any good progressive elementary and high school that is near the vicinity of our house, which is in the heart of Tondo, Manila. Is there even a progressive school here in the actual city of Manila? Or maybe there is a progressive school that is outside Manila but has a good schedule (not too early) and has a reliable school bus that could transport my son to and from school. I would really appreciate the help!!! Thank you very much.

  32. Hello Teacher Tina. I am so glad to come across your site which is very interesting esp now that I am trying to find a preschool for my son. He’s turning almost 3 by June. I really like Explorations except that they only have afternoon classes available. Despite the assurance of the Administrator that kids eventually adjust, I am really not very comfortable with the PM class since my son gets very irritated so when he doesn’t get his sleep. I want him to enjoy school esp since its his first time. Given that, I was hoping you can help me out and recommend an alternative school with similar standards as that of Explorations. I’ve visited some schools within our area (San Juan) – CTEC, CCE, TLC, Caterpillar and DLM. Are there other schools you can recommend? Or would you recommend any of the above? I observed classed both at CCE and TLC, they have nice facilities but teaching-wise, I wasn’t very satisfied. Your suggestion would be very much appreciated. Best Regards

    1. Hi Mommy Sasha! Thanks for visiting this site. Researching about where your son will attend school only shows your involvement in his education.

      Re: Explorations’ afternoon class, we also have classes in our school that only meet in the afternoons. I agree with them that your son will be able to adjust to the class schedule and routines. However, if it’s really going to be inconvenient for you then it’s good that you’re checking other schools. I’d just like to ask what exactly didn’t you like in the teaching style of the schools you visited.

      This site can help you check the schools if they are indeed progressive. I’ve heard of CTEC and I believe they have a very good music program and the directress is known in the field of education. I also heard a lot of good things about DLM in New Manila.

  33. For TLC, I just felt that teacher was not very passionate with her job, as if she was just going thru the motions of her daily routine. Maybe it wasn’t the teaching style but more on their attitude towards work. My vision of a good teacher is that she has to love what she’s doing bec it will naturally show. For CCE, the teachers in the class that I observed are good but I can’t help but compare the kids in the class to that of the kids from the same age group in Explo. Kids in CCE were very quiet and considering its almost (school)year-end, some of them couldn’t even answer some of the questions asked by the teacher like what day it was, or the weather… whereas in Explo, kids are very excited with school and you can see that they are enjoying and most of them can already speak quite coherently. They actively answer questions asked by teacher. Its just my observation but to me, a reflection of a good school are the students and how they are.
    I’ve heard of good feedbacks re: DLM, but the school is quite traditional and I am geared towards sending my child to a progressive school.
    I still have to check on the ff schools: ICBB, Milestone, Kids World, Greenhills Learning Center, Kinderhaus. Any recommendation? Never thought that finding the ideal school will be this tedious, my mom said nga that its different nowadays than our times. Thanks for the inputs.

  34. Hi Teacher Tina,

    I have a 4 year old daughter and she attends a christian school here in our area. She started at 3 and while she was very active during the first half of the school year she lost her energy during the last few months. I noticed that she just wants to play a lot and enjoys art like music and dance. I’ve
    heard about progressive schools and would like my daughter to attend one but i notice that tuition fees are quite high. Can you recommend one near in commonwealth or fairview area as we are in the middle. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jean! I wonder why your daughter seemed less active during the latter part of the school year.. I hope it’s not anything physical. Anyway, you may go to The Growing Place. It’s a progressive preschool at 12 Fiat St.West Fairview Park, Quezon City. Their phone number is 938.9536. You may look for Teacher Cynthia Acu or Teacher Tess Carreon.

      Thanks for visiting the site and don’t hesitate to post your comments 🙂

  35. Hi Teacher Tina. Thank you for the wonderful insights. I am enrolling my son this coming school year and would like to ask for your feedback on RAYA PRESCHOOL. I know you’ve recommended it here but any additional insights you can share will be much appreciated.

    1. HI Nina! I highly recommend Raya! It’s run by a good friend, Teacher Ani and her husband CP. They have a passion for progressive learning and love for country. Teacher Ani wrote a study about the benefits of dual language and she applies this in Raya. I’m sure your son will have a wonderful experience there 🙂

  36. Thank you. I actually saw how they try to imbibe the love for the country when I observed a class which I found very impressive. Thanks again!

  37. Hi! Am so intrigued by the numerous positive feedback I read from this site about progressive education. Could you recommend any progressive school (elementary level) in Pasay City? (I actually live near the airport area.) It would surely be great to observe how the class is run. Am so excited to witness how different the learning process is taught without the traditional paper and pencil method.

    You have been truly a great help to all of us moms looking for alternative schools for our children. Thanks so much!

  38. Hi Teacher Tina,

    Is there any good progressive high school in bf paranaque, alabang and las pinas area? My son has been struggling in a traditional school in alabang and i thought he might perform better in a progressive school.

    Thanks for your time.


    1. Hi Mel! I’m not familiar with progressive high schools in the paranaque area but I’ll update you once I find one. Thanks for visiting!

  39. hi teacher tina! i am a mother of two daughters ages 4 and 2 this coming schoolyear. i am so clueless about progressive way of teaching. it’s a good thing i saw your site. i plan to enroll my eldest daughter in a traditional school. at this point, i’m having second thoughts after reading your comments. can you please enlighten me more about your advocacy. by the way, i live in san juan area specifically along f. blumentritt st., brgy. batis. near pinaglabanan area. any recommended progressive schools on this area? also their contact person and number would be greatly appreciated. hope to hear from you soon. = )

  40. Hello teacher Tina,

    I am a newly wed with no plans for kids in the near future but I want to make sure that when that time comes I am prepared and well educated on my options as well as my child’s.

    Would you happen to have a list of good progressive schools in Manila and in the nearby Rizal (Cainta, Antipolo, Taytay, etc.) towns.


  41. Hello Mommy Hazel! To learn more about our advocacy, just keep on reading our blog 🙂 If you’re in the San Juan area, you can visit Explorations in Mandaluyong. you can click on their link on this post.

    Sunshine, I’m not familiar with any progressive school in your area but I’ll update you as soon as I find one. Thanks for visiting!

  42. My daughter is turning 1 year this July and am looking for a progressive school near our place, Bacoor, Cavite. I want her too start school at the earliest age possible. Can you recommend a good one. What’s the difference between your school and the Montessori schools?

    Thank you!

  43. Hi Teacher Tina,

    My son is turning 2 this coming May and we’re planning to send him to school this June. Would appreciate if you can recommend a good school near our area in dona carmen commonwealth qc.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Elaine! We at Nest have a Toddlers class that will meet thrice a week (MWF) for two hours. We’re located at Matahimik Street, Bgy. Malaya (near Kalayaan Ave.)

      You may also try inquiring in Books and Blocks in Tierra Pura. you can look for Teacher Cecil. You can also try The Growing Place in West Fairview (Tel. No. 9389536). You can look for Teacher Tess 🙂 Hope this helps!

  44. Thanks teacher tina! I called Growing Place coz I think it’s the nearest, unfortunately, they don’t accept 2yo. Their youngest is 2 1/2. Do you have the number of Books and Blocks? I’ll also try to visit your Nest school and see if the distance is still ok. Can you also share the instructions on how to go there? Thanks in advance!

    1. Sorry, I don’t have the number of Books and Blocks but I’ll post it as soon as I talk to Teacher Cecil.

      You can go to Nest via Circle and Kalayaan Avenue. Our street is parallel to Kalayaan. Our number is 434-7601 🙂

  45. Hi Teacher tina! I only came upon the progressive schooling concept recently but got very interested in the concept. My primary concern is given the different teaching method compared to traditional schools, do progressive schools undergo certain accreditation process? And since there are no homeworks and exams therefore no grading, will the years spent in progressive schools be considered when the student tranfers to a traditional school? The reason I asked is most progressive schools offer pre-school only or at the most upto high school therefore the student will have to pursue further studies in a traditional school. Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Hi Angie! First off, all schools should undergo a Department of Education accreditation process. Unfortunately, not all schools do so.

      Secondly, there are no exams in progressive preschools, there exams in progressive elementary schools. There is numeric grading in progressive elementary schools too because the Department of Education requires it. Even if letters are used, there is a form submitted to Dep Ed with numeric equivalents. Regarding homework, the true definition of homework is to check if the student understood the lesson in class. It is given relative to the curriculum and it should not be given just to give the student extra work at home. Lastly, progressive students do flourish in traditional schools mainly because they understood the lesson more. You can read more about this in another post. Hope this helps! Keep on reading the blog so you can know more about progressive education 🙂

  46. Hi Teacher Tina!

    I’m planning to enroll my daughter this coming school year. She’s turning 3 this July. I’m still deciding whether to send her to L.E.A.P or Britesparks International School. Would just like to get your feedback on both schools?


  47. Hi Teacher Tina,

    I would like to followup on one of the question of a parent regarding progressive school in bulacan or anywhere near meycauayan bulacan? I also would like to know where I can send my baby. She just turned 2 last February and I think she is ready for it.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. To Sunny and Rach and to everyone looking for a school in their areas, Mom Exchange did a wonderful thing in their site called a School Review. It listed all the schools that are Dep Ed accredited and sorted them out according to cities. Try it out and ask the schools you visit the questions we lined up for you in this blog. Best combination in looking for schools 🙂

  48. Hi Teacher Tina,

    Do you have some feedback on The Learning Tree school? Someone told me that its students who take highschool entrance exams in traditional schools have a high passing rate. I saw from your previous post that you recommend this school. Can you give me more details why you recommend this particular school? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Tara! Thanks for visiting. All my kids went to The Learning Tree. Passing the HS entrance exams is just cherry on top. The Learning Tree is a school where your child can flourish in a developmental and progressive way. The directress, Teacher Francie Lacanilao, has devoted her life to this school that encourages its students to be critical thinkers. You may check out The Learning Tree’s website at .

  49. Hi Teacher Tina,

    I am glad to find your blog. I am looking for a pre-school for my twin boys. We live in Tandang Sora and we hope to find a nearby progressive school. We have visited Explorations and discussed with the Directress. However, the distance is a concern. We were referred to Books and Blocks and Child’s Place. Are the teachers at Books and Blocks from FLCD? I can hardly find the school’s number and website.

    We are interested to visit your school sometime this May. Who should we coordinate with?


  50. Reading through all the blog entries and comments, i’m so thankful that “progressive” education is gaining popularity in the Philippines.

    Growing up, I had the benefit of experiencing both the “traditional” and “progressive” set-up. It went a little something like this – preschool (progressive), kinder-grade 4 (trad), grade 4-9 (”progressive” – technically, it wasn’t labeled as one because this was the norm), 3rd yr HS and 4th yr HS (trad).

    During my mid-elementary to early HS years, school would end at 2pm giving us so much time to explore extra-curricular activities like sports and the arts. Academically, it was so much easier but I never felt that it was lacking. We were in touch with our teachers and the Headmaster. Classes never went beyond 16 kids. We learned about Buddhism and the Middle Ages. We set-up fictitious businesses where we learned complex math and entrepreneurship.

    When we returned to the Philippines, the transition was quite difficult – the homework, 5pm dismissal time, the tests – (quizzes, quarterly tests, long tests, monthly tests, I seriously thought I’d drown in them!), the workload, the 40 or so kids in a class, teachers calling me by my class no. and not my name, etc. I don’t remember much of what I learned but I do remember memorizing ‘topics’ such as the encyclicals, poem titles, names of authors and the years they were born.

    Indeed, there is so much value in the progressive classroom.
    In the trad set-up, we just skimmed the surface of each subject matter, forgetting about them once our test papers were submitted. In the progressive set-up, learning had so much depth. We analyzed, digested, discussed and it was all so much fun. Even math was fun!

    It was in the ‘progressive set-up’ that I discovered my love for books and writing, my natural athletic abilities, my appreciation for the environment, my passion for school – that school is life and not the preparation for life. School really shouldn’t be about packing 40 kids in an airconditioned classroom filled with papers, tests and more tests, school should be about discovering each child’s unique talents and tapping into their hidden potential. School is not a factory.

    And to prove that missing out on the traditional classroom for a significant number of years did not hinder my chances of success in higher education: 3rd year HS was my transition period, but by senior year, I graduated with a few honors and citations while being a full-time member of a varsity team, eventually graduating from admu after four years.

  51. @Joy: I’m also still looking for the number of Books and Blocks. I’ll post it as soon as I find Teacher Cecil’s number.

    @Andrea: What a great comment! Let’s pray that progressive education becomes the “norm” in the Philippines too! Congratulations, Progressive Adult! I’m sure you’re a great example of a progressive “product” 🙂

  52. Hi t. Tina,
    your site has been most helpful for me to understand what progressive schools are all about…and the feedback from others are also very insightful. It is very difficult to find the “perfect” school for my kid. My husband and I are now advocates for progressive schooling and hopefully, we can find one that fits our child’s needs by next year, when he enters elementary.
    With your permission, i would like to add your site link to my start-up blogsite for reference of other parents like me, who are looking for a better education program for our kids, especially those that have “special needs”.

    more power!

    1. Hi Michelle! Thanks for visiting 🙂 Of course you can link up. The more people who can spread the word around the better. I’ll come visit your blog.

  53. Hi,

    I was just wondering how I can find out if my child is more suitable for a progressive or a traditional school? I took most of my gradeschool and all of my high school years in COLF. I was exploring the idea of enrolling my child in a traditional school but panicked at the thought of the pressures. Not only will my child be adjusting, but so will I!

    I would also like to ask for recommendations for a progressive school with christian education as part of the regular curriculum. I would prefer it to be by qc, tomas morato, ortigas or katipunan area. thank you!

    1. HI Justine! You graduated from COLF? You’re one step ahead already then! First, to answer your question if your child is better off in a traditional or progressive school. You need to read this blog and see if you believe in the advocacy of progressive education. It’s really an issue of values and principles when choosing a school. Which brings me to your next question. Though most progressive schools are non-sectarian, our school is led by Christian teachers. You may also try The Learning Tree. Thanks for visiting and keep on reading!

  54. It’s nice to see that more parents are leaning toward “progressive” schools these days. We just really have to be very careful when choosing a school. Each progressive school has a master plan of what they expect their students to be, and it would be best to ask the adminstrators if you could observe a class. It’s always hard to take that leap from trad. school to non-trad as we are mostly schooled in the previous one. A paradigm-shift is and will always be a challenge.

    To mel, you can try maria montessori in ayala alabang or maria montessori children’s school in pque. They’re progressive schools which have been around for some time and they also welcome observers in their classes.

    1. Funny you should ask, Mommy Jean, bec I just spoke to a friend who knows someone from Everest and they’re very happy there. In terms of their being Progressive, I suggest you visit them and ask them the questions that I suggest in this blog. Thanks for visiting!

  55. Hi teachertinazamora…
    great finding this blog/forum regarding progressive versus traditional school. I agree to almost all comments about progressive school – in that, the various development needs of each child is taken into consideration, unlike in a traditional school, wherein they follow strictly certain regimen only in terms of teaching.
    basically my goal is to give my child the foundation to be able to go to a good college (e.g. ateneo, UP), but at the same time, be street-smart. I don’t need ’em to be first honor or at the top of their class, as long as they are intellectually smart and have good values in life 🙂

    as we are relocating to pasig (dr. sixto area) early next year, may i have your help (or any help from the rest) as to which school will be the best one to move into? My son is incoming Grade 4 by june 2010.
    I am really at a lost as to a good school nearby.
    How about Pasig Catholic College – is this a good school? I would have like a mix breed of traditional/progressive school in one. Or more on progressive school.
    Hope you can help. thanks so much!

  56. i would prefer a co-ed school. I heard reedley is good, but then the tuition is a bit high.
    Any other schools that you can recommend? thanks so much!!!

  57. Hi Mommy Jeanete! Thanks for stopping by. You can use the guidelines I set in this blog to as Pasig Catholic College about their curriculum.

    The school beside Reedley, Britesparks, is also progressive.

    1. hi Teacher Tina! Thanks for your reply. Just wanted to ask if you still have the guidelines or at least some reviews about Pasig Catholic College? So far, cannot locate it. I read the whole blog 🙂
      Would you recommend Pasig Catholic College?
      I’ll be visiting Britespark too – will you recommend this too? I heard some good and bad reviews at the same time. And i also heard they will have high school by next year. Not sure about their tuition fee though – hope it’s not gonna be that expensive.
      Again, thanks so much for your help and dedication to helping mothers like us 😉
      more power!

      1. Hi again, Mommy Jennete! I’m not familiar with Pasig Catholic College. However, I have a series on this blog called Scouting for a School. It guides you on school philosophy, teacher role, environment, etc that you can check when you visit any school you go to. Hope this helps!

  58. hi teacher tina….
    it’s me again.. thanks for all your responses.
    Ask naman me, have you heard of Inocencio Integrated School of Pasig – is this good?

    1. Ask about their credentials kasi parang di nmn sila school, parang performing arts institution, science and math are not given emphasis, hindi holistic – puro stage play. My sister’s child got a low score in Math and Science when he took an exam in Singapore. We were so disappointed.

    1. Thanks Mommy Jane! It’s an honor to be featured in your blog. Say hi to Teacher Cecil of Books and Blocks 🙂 I’m sure your son will be well taken cared of 🙂 Keep on reading!

  59. Hi!

    Do you have any feedback on Maria Montessori Quezon City? I’m looking for a progressive school near my area, proj 8. I’m very happy with my son’s school, Abba’s Orchard Montessori but it’s quite far. It’s in Blue Ridge. I would still want him to continue with the Montessori approach til grade school.

  60. hi. my son turned 5 last september and we would like to send him to a progressive school near our residence. he already attended jr nursery in a progressive school when he was almost 3 but my husband and i were so dissatisfied with the school that we decided not enroll him the following year. instead we got a very good teacher (who used to teach in his former school) give him lessons for 45 mins at our house 3x a week. we were actually very happy with his teacher because he has improved by leaps and bounds. he was a late talker and only started saying words at 3.5 yrs old. now, he speaks in complete sentences, although there are still some words that are beyond our realms of understanding, we are very happy that he can already communicate. he knows his shapes, numbers until 100 and his alphabets. he enjoys his lessons because he is not forced but rather treats it as play. so for this coming school year, we are scouting for a good and reasonably priced, true progressive school. we live in las pinas and the most convenient location is the alabang area, las pinas and bf paranaque. i checked out the website of create and learning paths and merville is already too far from our house. maybe you could suggest other good ones in the vicinity. thank you in advance!

  61. I chanced upon your blog while googling school options for my daughter (6yo). Very informational indeed! Like many of your readers I was educated in traditional schools and while I turned out ok, would want my daughter to be in an environment that supports and encourages her learning and interests both in the sciences or arts. I’ve recently heard about Reedley Intl School, their educational philosophy sounds very good. Do you know more about RIS? The tuition is a bit pricey but we don’t mind as long we do get something “extra” vs traditional schools like poveda, assumption, etc. Thank you!

  62. hi teacher Tina! Can you recommend a progressive school in Rizal for my 4 year old boy. (Cainta,Taytay, Angono or Binangonan area) Thank you!

  63. hi teacher tina!

    our daughter is only 8 months old. i am very interested in enrolling her in a progressive school when she is older. how can i start start on somehow “preparing” her for it. currently, we notice that she enjoy our bible reading time.

    thanks and God bless!

  64. hi!!! good day!!! my 4y/o son is in a SpED school in our area for 1 yr now,since it’s inside a subd (not our subd),it has limited amenities compared to school built in a commercial area… like limited parking (neighbors get mad if too many cars are parked around their area near the school, the sped dept is an old renovated house and for the kids to play sports they need to cross the street to go to the court), so far my child has improved a lot from thier program,but these challenges sometimes affect us too especially when early in the morning when i drop my son and neighbors will tell you to move your car to the other side (but it’s not blocking thier driveway),the principal said we need to observe “pakikisama” w/ the homeowners so that the school will not get “evicted” from the area and from our lives…

    are these concerns all worth it? or should we try to look for another school for our son?

  65. Dear Teacher Tina

    I have enrolled my daughter for nursery in a progressive school last year, and I could see she really enjoyed school. I am also enrolling my 4-year-old for kinder in the same school this year. I just have concerns if it is normal for a 4-year-old to not know all her letters at this age? Or maybe I just grew up in a traditional school setting where you learn your letters early and learned how to read early too, so I also expect it to be that way? Some of my mom friends, whose kids go to a traditional school, have their kids tutored at the age of three and know how to write their names already. Do you think I am not attuned to what my daughter’s needs are? I strongly believe in progressive learning, but I’m not sure if my daughter will be better off in a traditional one. Help!!!

  66. im interested in enrolling my 3.5 yr old daughter
    at st marks learning , dona hemady qc or at links , scout limbaga qc . any feedback or comment reg
    st marks and links . tnx

  67. Ms. Elaine… I have two kids who graduated in St. Mark Learning Center. One is an 11 year old son who is doing well OK in Xavier School. And the other is a 7 year old daughter who will be entering grade1. This school will train your daughter to do well in entrance tests in big schools. But sometimes no matter how good a school is, if the child is not yet developmentally ready for the 3 R’s, no amount of coaching would guarantee that your child would do excellently in the tests. Anyway, regardless of my childrens late development in some areas, Because of St. Mark’s teachers hard work, they made it to the big schools.
    Anyway, my children did grow up and overcame their weak areas with age and maturity.

  68. Like the other moms who posted their questions here, I too have my concern in terms of finding a school for my child after she’s finished studying at her current preschool (Cambridge Child Development Center). Her school now uses individualized instruction method which is very helpful for my 3 year old. I am leaning towards progressive or montessori type of teaching method but one of my concern is the lack of Chinese language instruction that can be found in traditional schools.

  69. Everest Academy or Domuschola?

    I have a child who finished 4th grade at Everest last May and she had the opportunity to sit in for a few days at Domuschola this June. We recognize the benefits of progressive schools and are actually believers of the method. If Domu has until 11th or 12th grade, we would have moved our daughter there already this June as 5th grader. However, Domu offers until 7th grade only and so being a new family at Everest Academy last year, we are worried how moving to Domu right now after only a year at Everest (she came from a traditional school – K2 to Grade 2/3) and then moving again to another school in 3 years would affect our daughter’s socio-emotional development. My daughter is torn between the two schools and cannot decide as well. But at the end of the day, the decision lies to us parents. I am torn between protecting her socio-emotional development and pursuing the progressive method of teaching at domu which we felt was right for our daughter….. 😦 so undecided….. 😦

    1. Oh, I forgot to mention, we are happy at Everest. 🙂 It is a very good Catholic international school and my daughter is very happy there. The only reason why we considered moving her to Domu (where our other child is enrolled) was brought about by the recent discovery and belief in the progressive method of teaching so we sent her for a few days to try it out….and she enjoyed it….but I guess not enough for her to leave Everest…….her heart still belongs there even just after a year……and right now, I am more inclined to keep her at Everest….

      1. Hi Mommy Queen! Thanks for your comment. I’ve also heard a lot of good things about Everest and Domuschola. The decision in choosing schools is really a family decision. Though I’m a strong advocate of the progressive philosophy, I’m also a strong advocate of letting the child stay in a school where he/she will flourish in learning. Seems like your child is having a blast in Everest and if you think she’s achieving her full potential there then I don’t see a reason to move.

        Progressive education is beautiful because it is dynamic, tactile and living learning. Regardless if Everest seems to be a traditional school, if your daughter is an active learner then her experience is definitely progressive.

        I’m also happy that you believe in 12 years of formal education. I strongly believe in it because we are the only country in South East Asia with only 10. Let’s hope that the new administration keeps strong with its promise to have 12 years of education for every Filipino child.

  70. hi teacher tina and other moms! can you recommend progressive grade schools in the makati area? we live right in salcedo village. my 5 yo son currently attends a montessori school in katipunan. would be great to move him somewhere near for grade school.

  71. Hi teacher! My son is on his first grade in a Multiple Intelligence School. He’s having a hard time coping with the lessons since he was accelerated from kinder to Grade I.
    Actually he spent his entire nursery year in that school but we moved him to another school because we felt that he was not ready for the load of assignments they were giving to their students. So we enrolled him in a progressive school. There, we never heard him complaining. But, we were saddened when we learned that his no longer eligible to spend another year, because of his age. So we sent him back to his old school. He was supposed to be in prep, but we did not agree because we heard from the parents of his old classmates that their kids can read and do some mathematical operations already. So he was left behind. I felt that he’ll get overwhelmed if we let him join their class.So he was left behind. But I don’t mind as long as it will not be stressful for my son. He finished his kindergarten year with an honor. His teacher even recommended him to be accelerated from nursery to grade I.
    The problem started there. I noticed that he’s having a hard time coping with the lessons at the same time with the fast pace of teaching. He can’t even focus on his studies. I don’t know if his mind flies whenever we try to review his lessons. He doesn’t seem to understand the instructions on their exams. He cried when he told me that “nahirapan ako eh kasi may timer si teacher pag nagtetest kami, late daw kami uuwi, pag di na finish on time”, and I almost cried too. I just told him that he needs not to worry because I’ll guide him and help him learn his lessons in school.
    My son will be turning 7 now. He’s still very playful and he has problems with conversing with others because his still “bulol”. Teacher I hope you could give me some advice regarding this.
    God bless 🙂


    1. Thanks for your comment, Mommy Cathy. First, I suggest that you speak to your son’s teacher and/or the school director. Try to find out how your son is doing inside the classroom. They should also hear what your child feels about school so that both parties have a clearer picture of your son’s development.
      They may suggest further testing through a developmental pediatrician just to rule out any learning disability. Don’t worry about having your child tested. This is just a measure to rule out any developmental problems.

      If the school believes in Multiple Intelligence, the teacher and the director should be able to also point out your son’s strengths. Where is he good at? What can they use to able to have him learn faster? The child’s strength should also be used to help him with his weakness. For example, if he’s good at art, maybe the teacher can give use drawings and other media to teacher some parts of the lessons.

      But the most important thing is to have that meeting with the school. Having this meeting can definitely clarify issues between you, your child and the school set-up.

  72. Hi, Teacher Tina!
    It’s a blessing to have come across your blog 🙂
    I’m in search of a kindergarten/gradeschool for my daughter. We are considering Learning Tree, Nest, Raya (would you know why they offer only up to Grade 3 level?), Multiple Intelligence International School, and UP Integrated School. We’re also looking into (although not certain about) Mayfield Montessori, Integrative School of Quezon City, and Torch of Life Learning Center. She is on her last year with Books and Blocks, and will be 6 years and 3 months come June. If in case she’s found ready for Grade 1, will it be wise to have her forego prep?
    I know LT, Nest, Raya, and MIIS are progressive but I have little info regarding the others, including UPIS.
    Your advise will be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Mommy Bev! In Nest, we follow the child’s age so if she’s 6.3, she will have to go through the Prep level. I know it may seem like a waste of one year if your think she’s ready for Grade 1 but maturity is also crucial when a child enters Grade School.

      I believe Raya already has Grade 4 this year and may continue on to finish until Grade 6. The Learning Tree is up to Grade 6 and has their entrance exams every January. At Nest, we will implement an optional Grade 7 to prepare for the 12-year basic education program. I can only give info regarding these 3 schools.

      I suggest you visit all the schools you plan to enroll your daughter and ask about their philosophy and program.

      Hope this helps!

    2. Hi. I’m interested in inquiring at Books and Blocks but their contact number eludes my search. Could anyone help me? Thanks

  73. Hello again, Teacher Tina!

    Thank you for your valuable advice. I am especially enlightened by your views on child maturity. Perhaps I have grown accustomed to the popular belief that the younger gradeschooler is invariably the smarter child. As I ponder on it, I think that my daughter would have been lost in the crowd if she is made to join a group older (therefore more mature) than her, given her tendency to become withdrawn.

    When would be a good time to drop by Nest, Teacher? Also, may I bring my daughter when I visit? I would like to involve her in choosing which school she’ll be going to in the coming years.

    Thanks so much for your time. We look forward to meeting you.
    Have a great weekend! 😉

    1. Great idea to bring your daughter, Mommy Bev! Nest’s office hours are from 8 am to 3 pm, Mondays to Fridays. You may look for Teacher Ana. Thanks!

  74. Hi Ms Tina,

    Are progressive schools recognized by DepED? Are there any instance that a traditional secondary school does not allow entrance to graduates of progressive primary school? Are there progressive schools for secondary education?

    1. Hi Eric! A preschool, whether progressive or not, may apply for a DepEd permit and later on for accreditation. DepEd does not limit any school in terms of philosophy as long as the school can meet the requirements of DECS 107.

      I believe all secondary schools have an entrance exam and other requirements that an applicant needs to pass and accomplish. As long as they are met, I don’t think any secondary school turns down an applicant on the basis of the primary school’s philosophy.

      To answer your last question, for a progressive secondary education, you may visit Community of Learners Foundation (COLF).

      Hope this helps!

  75. Hi teacher Tina,
    First Id like to commend you for this very informative and enlightening blog site. Ive learned a lot. I have a 7 yr old daughter and she’s a 2nd grader at a traditional school. But my daughter was diagnosed with mild ADHD though her doctor informed me that she’s really smart although still playful most of the time. Her doctor said that she can still attend the regular school she’s in now. But Im hesitant I plan to enroll her at The Seeds Montessori School in QC. While looking for infos abt them I came across your blogs and the Progressive Schools. So my question is what is the difference between Progressive Schools and Montessori type of school? Do you recommend Montessori’s?

  76. Hi teacher tina,

    it’s such a great relief that i was able to read this blog of yours, it has been really helpful. i’m on the point wherein i need to find a school for my kid near our area (we live in caloocan, can you help us find one? 🙂 ). Also i was just wondering if this kind of method is the same method used in montessori schools, if not, can you cite some differences with these two? Another thing, do you mind mentioning advantages of enrolling my child in a progressive school instead of sending him in a montessori?

    Your response will be truly appreciated. thanks teacher. 🙂

  77. hello Teacher Tina:
    I am pleased to invite you and other parents out there to participate in a one-day seminar entitled Inclusion: Dissolving the Boundaries for Children with Special Needs. The seminar will be held on January 29, 2011 (Saturday) from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm at the PLDT Hall, APEC Communications Building, University of Asia and the Pacific. Attached is a copy of the seminar program, together with the registration form.

    The last two decades witnessed the emergence of inclusion as a philosophy in educating children who follow a typical development and those with special needs. This one-day seminar brings together the expertise of educators who have taken inclusion as one of their advocacies in helping and teaching regular children, children with special needs and their families. Aside from providing the participants with a working knowledge of the concept of inclusion, the seminar will reinforce the idea that inclusion is all about belonging and participating in a diverse society.

    The seminar fee for each participant is PhP 2,500, inclusive of two snacks, lunch, the seminar kit, and a certificate of participation. If you confirm and pay your attendance on or before January 15, 2011, you are entitled to a discounted fee of Php 2,000. Interested undergraduate students automatically get a 50% discount and graduate students will only pay PhP 2,000. They will have to present their school IDs upon registration.

    All participants are expected to confirm their participation to enable us to prepare the necessary logistics.
    For reservations or more information, please call 634-2828 and ask for Ms. Josephine Teves ( at 6342828 or Dr. Angel Antonio ( .We look forward to your participation.

    Your participation will not only enhance the perspectives of one another, but also extend one’s academic relationship.

  78. Dear Teacher Tina,
    How are you? My son, Jjay, googled my name and it appeared in one of your blogs. After reading the kind words from one Fizzy in your blog, it has lifted my spirits because I have been missing Philippines so much and TLT in particular. I am currently studying Masters of Teaching Here in Australia. While studying, I am working in a child care center. Just this afternoon we had a christmas program. The more I missed TLT because of the way how we Filipinos can be organized and orderly in our programs.

    To Mommy Fizzy, thank you for your kind and and uplifting message. It made me feel better after having those one of my homesickness moments. It has always been a privilege working with your child. I hope I can actually know who you are.

    Teacher Tina, continue to be part of the Filipino children’s legacy. Keep up spreading the appropriate ways in bringing uop up our children. God bless you and your school.

  79. Dear Teacher Tina,

    Thanks for your blog, it opened my eyes about our schooling options for my nephew, who is incoming HS this SY. I’m browsing online but only found COLF, as a progressive school that offers secondary education. I wonder if you know other progressive schools that we can check aside from COLF. I am not sure if the MI International School in Katipunan is also a progressive school.

    I hope that we can find a school where my nephew can enjoy the challenge of learning rather than be pressured and pushed to learn. We really want him to enjoy school. He’s got a wild imagination and loves sketching. We want him to be encouraged more and explore his other talents.

    Thank you for any inputs you may share.


  80. Hi Teacher Tina! i’ve heard good things about you form the ECE class in DLSU. Can you recommend a progressive school in Rizal for my7 year old brother boy. (Cainta,Taytay, Antipolo area)
    Tried Mom exhange but it wasnt successful.
    Thank you

  81. hello teacher tina ! thanks for the blog ..truly gave me more insights about progressive school ..a little bit more of reading these kinds of positive feedbacks and im sure i too will send my youngest son to a progressive type of school …i saw someone was thinking of sending her or his child to DML ? my eldest son went there for his entire preschool years and i have nothing but kind words and praises for that school ..he is now in Ateneo and doing very well …my youger one is the total opposite of my eldest so we are planning to send him to a progressive school that just might suit his personality …any feed back about CRADLE OF JOY LEARNING school ? i personally know 2 parents whose children are currently enrolled there but i would still like to hear some feedbacks about that school , be it negative or postive … .many thanks !

  82. Dear Teacher Tina,

    Having read this blog about progressive schools, I am now more determined to enroll my 5yr.old daughter to such kind of school. Our location is in Antipolo, do you know progressive schools there? I have heard of Georgia Intl. Academy, do you have any idea about this school?
    Your advice will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you!!!


  83. Hi Teacher Tina,

    I came across your blog a year ago when I started thinking of sending my son to a progressive school. Your blog is very informative and I really appreciate your efforts in assisting the parents who comment in your blogs.

    My son is turning 3 this May and I think I will continue to homeschool him for 2 more years. Would that affect his admission to your school or to other progressive schools? I mean, how does the school assess if the child is ready for “gradeschool” ? Is is based on age? The child’s maturity? And once he is already in a progressive school, how do you know that a child is ready for the next “grade level”? How does it work, really?

    Thank you in advance for your feedback.

    1. Hi Mommy Gaye! Thanks for visiting the blog 🙂 We have an assessment that determines cognitive readiness and an interview to assess socio-emotional behavior. However, our assessment is just that… an assessment. It’s not an exam or a test but rather a guide to the strengths and weaknesses of a child. The true measure of readiness is really how the child is in school. Our teachers can determine where our child is in the learning spectrum and give developmentally appropriate activities to strengthen his skills.

      I hope you can visit us soon and kudos to you and your homeschooling!

  84. Hi Teacher Tina,

    I am so glad i found your blog it’s very helpful and informative. I learned a lot of good things about progressive school. I have a daughter who will turn 4 this coming April . I’m planning to enroll her this coming school year, in fact I’m searching for one of the best progressive schools near in my area. Could you please help me?
    I learned about “Kids Brain Advance International Playschool” in Pasig, have you heard of it? Can you give me some feedback about this school? Do you know any progressive school that teaches Japanese language? Could you also please recommend progressive school near Angono, Cainta, Antipolo and Pasig area. Thanks in advance!

  85. Oh btw teacher tina, I am a single mom so please recommend a preschool that will fit on my budget I can only afford upto 40k thanks again!

  86. Hi! can you recommend a good school in South, that has mandarin in their curriculum? also, any feedbacks (good or bad) on Marymount School in BF Homes Paranaque..thanks

  87. Hi Teacher Tina,

    I am looking for a pre-school in the tierra pura area. I’ve heard of Books and Blocks but have not read any feedback. Do you have a listing of schools in this area?

  88. Hello Teacher Tina,

    Thank you for this blog, I have been trying to look for a good school for my son who is incoming 1st grade this school year, and this site has definitely narrowed down my choices. As young and excited parents, we have sent him to school since he was 1 1/2 thinking that he would be able to interact more and learn in advance, but i noticed when we transfrerred him to a traditional school for kinder (somewhere in dasma) he has already lost interest in studying. i’m not sure if it’s because of his early exposure to school or of the traditional way of teaching in the big school. Now, he is in prep and currently enrolled in a small school and he seems to like it better there. But my son is also the type who seems to do schoolwork when someone assists him, he is having a hard time doing it on his own. would a progressive school be able to address this issue? Also his teacher says that he is a bit makulit, and loves to play around. Would a progresive school be able to teach him discipline in all aspects?? I hope to hear from you and may God continue to bless you! Thank you so much!

  89. Hi T. Tina… I came across this blog hoping to find comparisons between progressive and traditional ways for teaching so I can share this with my wife. We’re planning to send our little girl to pre-school sometime soon mainly because we want her to experience social skills… Coming from a pre-school teaching background, I’ve always been a believer of progressive methods of teaching hence, why I want my child to attend in a pre-school with progressive methods of teaching… Are there any good affordable schools you can recommend? Makati, Pasay, Paranaque would be the preferred areas… I’ve been out of the teaching circle for a long long time so I’m not really much aware of what’s out there anymore… Also, my little girl is only 2.5 but quite advanced however, I don’t really think she should be attending a whole week class till she’s 3.5 – 4, we were looking at a shorter schedule just enough for her to socialize and feed her intellectual curiosity… thanks… this is a great blog by the way…

    1. Hi Daddy G…I’m from the Baclaran area. There’s a progressive preschool there along Roxas Blvd, Growing Place Preschool. Coming from Coastal Road, it’s after the Petron Station. You might want to check it out. =)

  90. Hello Teacher Tina,

    I’m sooooo happy that I have come across your blog. I have a 6 year old son and i have been looking for options on progressive schools.

    As young and excited parents (we had him when we were 19) we sent him to school early on, he was 1 1/2 thinking that it was best because he would be able to interact and learn a lot unlike if he was just left alone with our helper (since i had to finish school) but when we enrolled him in a traditional school for kinder (at Dasma) I noticed that his grades went low and he was so stressed all the time. I’m not sure if it was because he was tired of going to school since he started young, or if it was because of the traditional way he was taught. Also I noticed that he would only do his assignments if I’d assist him. In a progressive school, will he learn the discipline to do things on his own, and would he be interested to learn again? I hope I can hear from you soon. Thanks and God Bless!

    “I Love to Read! — A Progressive Approach in Encouraging your Child to Read” – is this available in any bookstore? I would love to have a copy.

  91. Hi Teacher Tina,

    My niece is turning 5 but it seems like she still can’t speak like other 5-year-olds do. Bulol pa rin sya magsalita.We’re already getting a bit worried. Also, she’s only interested in playing. When it’s time to study/read, she’ll refuse. My sister enrolled her for 2 years to a daycare run by my brother-in-law’s company. Is a progressive school ideal for her?

  92. Hi Teacher Tina! My daughter is 3.3 years old and because of her chinese ancestry is expected to attend ICA. I have been the one teaching her at home but now I find the need to enroll her to preschool to ready her social skills before entering a big school. Could you give me an insight whether CTEC’s learning approach could compare to Explorations or Philippine Montessori? I ask because our little girl seems partial to the school’s airy campus. And on a fire and earthquake safety assessment, CTEC also gets plus points from us. My problem is I don’t hear as much raving feedback about CTEC education compared to Explorations or Philippine Montessori.

    1. Hi there! I’m planning to enroll my daughter at CTEC. I have a friend who sent her 2 kids there. Her feedback is they are a good school. They start progressive then they slowly transition to traditional to prepare kids for traditional schooling.

  93. Hi Teacher Tina! Your blog has been very helpful and informative. My daughter who’s 4yrs old will be kinder this coming school year. I have read about both traditional and progressive methods of teaching. How about the DAP method? Is it a combination of both? I’m looking for a preschool in the Sikatuna Village, Q.C. area which is not that expensive. May I ask for feedbacks on Books and Blocks School and Ambassador School? Thank you very much and I’m really looking forward on your reply which will help in making my decision.

  94. Are there any good progressive schools in QC? Preferably those that have curriculums all the way to high school?

  95. hi teacher tina! Just wanna ask if you know John Dewey School for Children in Congressional Ave.? Im planning to enroll my 2 yr old son there, may I ask for feedbacks abt that school. Thanks..

  96. Hi Teacher Tina!

    I plan to send my eldest (1.9 years old) to school whe she turns 2.5 years old? Is this too late? Apologies on the ignorance as she is my first. I plan to enroll her in CTEC in East Greenhills, San Juan. Would you know how much the tuition is and can tuition fees now be paid in installments throughout the year?

    Thank you and hoping for your response.

  97. @SummerSolstice: Tuition fee at CTEC for school year 2011-2012 is P85,855.00.
    They have installment payments:
    Semestral – P45,075 x 2 = P90,150
    Trimester – P31,553.33 x 3 = P94,660
    Quarterly – P24,848.25 x 4 = P99,393
    Monthly – P10,437 x10

  98. Hi Teacher Tina! I am sooooo glad, relieved and a bit teary-eyed about your blog… I haven’t slept for a while thinking of what type of school is best for my kids. Now I’ve come to realize the good effects that a child may benefit from spending their growing years in a school that will help them enjoy learning. I remembered my eldest 10 y/o daughter, an athlete & studying in an exclusive school telling me.. “nahihirapan na ako sa school mama..”. Looking at her eyes, I can feel her burden. Recently, I inquired in a progressive school for my 5 y/o son, who studied at a Montessori school for 2 yrs., having excellent grades but until now is not able to read 3 letter words. The school told me that he might need to go back to Sr. Kinder instead of going to Prep since he is not able to read yet though they are suggesting a 10 day summer program for Reading readiness which I truly doubt if my son could benefit from since he is a slow learner & has delayed speech. My QUESTION is….IS IT NOT TOO LATE for my daughter to transfer in a progressive school? She’ll be in gr.5 this coming June. How will she adjust to a new learning approach & different environment? Also, coed is a bit scary for me. How about my son? IS HE REALLY FIT TO STUDY in a progressive school or should we stick to a Montessori school? What’s the difference anyway? Should I enroll him in their Reading summer class? I really wanted them to be in a progressive school but I don’t want to end up transferring them again in another school in case they will not fit. I truly need your opinion. Your suggestions & recommendations will be greatly appreciated. PLEASE, PLEASE REPLY..

    1. Hi Mommy Yvethe,

      First of all, thank for visiting our blog. I hope you’re learned a lot from the different posts about progressive education.

      Regarding your daughter, I think you should talk to her on what makes school difficult for her. Grades 4 is really a turning point in elementary because it makes a drastic change in learning material from grades 1-3. Plus the fact that most students are already hormonal at this age. If you’re happy with her school then there’s no reason to move. The fact that she’s an athlete is a plus because she has extra curricular activities apart from school work to alleviate her stress. Just a side not on your worries about coed schools — I love them! I came from an all-girls school while all my daughters went to coed progressive schools and their view of the opposite sex is more constructive than my experience. But that’s for another post all together!

      About your son, I suggest that you bring him to either a developmental pediatrician or a reading lab like Readability to assess his developmental goals. A lot of parents get worried when this suggested to them but it really helps rule out any learning problem or delay. Children these days are faced with a lot of technology like TV, computers, etc that makes them less focused or impatient with the reading process. If you feel that the school cannot address this then this may be the time to look for another one. But if your son is happy with the school and they can address the reading issue then stay.

      I hope this helps! If you have other inquiries, you can e-mail me at 🙂

  99. Hi Teacher Tina,

    I’m just glad I came across your blog. Reading through all of these helped me a lot. I’m grateful that I can finally talk to someone about my concerns re my daughter’s education. I’m a young mom with a 3 yrs old daughter. 5yrs ago, I worked as a teacher aide in one of the international schools here in Parañaque. Now that I have a child, its very important for me to be able to provide her with good education that she deserves. My husband though wouldn’t want our child to go to school until she is 5. He thinks our daughter will be burnt out and will easily tire of studying. But as I explained to him about progressive method of teaching, he finally agreed. 🙂

    My concern is finding a good progressive school here in Parañaque but I’m afraid progressive schools are very expensive, especially as I remember the tuition fee from where I worked before. Would you please give me some suggestions on where to enroll my daughter this school year? And would you please give me an idea how much we should prepare to be able to enroll our daughter in a good school?

    I appreciate your help and for sharing your blessings of knowledge to us. May God bless you and your family.

    1. Hi Mommy Jersey! Thanks for visiting our blog. If you’re from Paranaque, you can look up Create-Learning Paths. Teacher Tin Canon is the directress. Regarding, UP-CDC, they have a tambiolo system in their application, meaning they raffle off their available slots. You can contact them by calling 926-1552. Hope this helps!

      PS: congrats on being able to convert your husband to the progressive philosophy 🙂

  100. Just an additional question Teacher Tina… it seems that UP-CDC is also a good one. May you please give me instructions on how to be able to get a slot for my daughter? And how much is the tuition fee there?

    Thanks so much! I’m looking forward to hear from you! 🙂

  101. Dear Teacher Tina,

    I’m so grateful for coming across your site. I have a 4-yr old daughter starting school this 2011. I have shared the story of our school hunt in my blog, hope you can spare some time to visit :
    It’s quite long to re-write it here. I also hope that you can help me be enlightened why both progressive schools gave diff assessment on her. Thanks so much and God bless!

  102. Hi. My wife and I are currently scouting for the best preparatory school in our area, to which our son can start his first early learning school experience. He is turning 4 this June and we want the best for him, as all parents would wish for their children. One of our main consideration is an English- speaking school along with the best approach to which my son will acquire knowledge while enjoying his stay in school. We reside in Bulacan area.

    Thank you very much and I hope you can help us out too.

  103. Hi Teacher Tina. Thanks so much for your very informative blog on progressive schools. My daughter has been going to an excellent progressive school and I’m so happy with her development. Unfortunately, the school’s tuition fee is very steep and way beyond our budget. So for this coming school year, we’re forced to enroll her in a different school. I wouldn’t say that it is a traditional school nor is it a purely progressive one. They claim to be a little of both, like a transition school from a small school to a big school (which I read here on your blog I should avoid! ooops, too late. yikes!). I’m a little upset that she wouldn’t be able to continue in her previous school but we really have no choice. So my question is, is there anything that I can do at home, i.e. activities, reading materials, etc. at least to sort of continue the progressive approach for my child and if there are any, where can I find them? Is it okay if I get a copy of the curriculum of my child’s new school so I can integrate it with activities that we can do at home and would the school allow that? I really hope you can help me with this as I value my child’s education. I am totally for the progressive kind of learning but with the pricey tuition fees, we have to make do with what we can afford. Hope to hear from you Teacher Tina and keep up the good work on this blog!

  104. hi, does anybody knows of a good progressive school here in manila, binondo, abad santos, or espana area? thanks.

  105. Hi Teacher Tina. I am an OFW working here in Saudi Arabia. My son is turning 7 this year and has been attending a school for children with special needs since he is found to have mild ADHD. We are in the Commonwealth area and I really would like to find a good school for him which would cater to his special needs. His teacher/therapist who handled him for the last 2 years told us that he is ready for a regular school though the class size is limited to a maximum of 10 students per teacher ratio. She also recommended Seed Montessori located at Don Antonio,Commonwealth. I already visited their website since i am unable to go personally and found the school a good one but I still need your expert opinion regarding this. Can you still recommend other schools within Commonwealth, QC area that has a lower student-teacher ratio? I’ve read from your previous blogs about a school here in West Fairview, it is called The Growing Place, if my memory serves me right. Is it also a good school for my son? Do they have a low teacher-student ratio? I am really sorry to bother you about my queries but I really need your help since school will start again in a few months’ time. I really hope you’d find the time to read on my queries and reply. Kudos to you. Thanks! 🙂

  106. wow, it took me hours to read this thread as i took down notes and sites to check. thank you very much for your generous effort to come up with this blog. I’m interested in checking out The Learning Tree specially after I learned that my husband knows teacher francie way back when they did a little music project for the school. and my ninang, teacher tetess morales, used to teach there too. anyway, im also interested with UP-CDC but is it true that getting accepted in that school is like passing thru a needle? waah. i’m currently on the school hunt and i feel like i’m too late and we don’t want to be just “settling”. we live in cainta. i hope you can also recommend a progressive school here. i’ve tried checking one, Kids Intl. Learning academy and it’s a progressive school too. so far, my 4yo daughter likes the school but we’re still checking out other schools near our area. 🙂


  107. Hi Teacher Tina. I think it’s fate that brought me in your blogsite. We’re planning to enrol our daughter this school year. Unfortunately for us, we were taking our time deciding whether to go progressive or traditional. When we were able to decide, the school we were planning to enrol her, TGP, has no more available slot for her age group. We want to enrol her in a progressive preschool. Can you suggest schools within our area, West Fairview. There’s a new one, Schola Progressio, that is opening here but the difference in the tuition fee is way too high (almost 3x the others). If we cannot find another progressive preschool, we’re planning to enrol her in a traditional school then transfer her to a progressive school next year. I would appreciate your advise and suggestion. and of course, if you know other progressive schools in the area. hope to receive your immediate reply. thank you very much!

  108. Hi Teacher Tina! I am Teacher Mayan and I graduated from BS FLCD program with a year of M.A. units in Reading Education at U.P. Diliman. I am currently running a progressive preschool called KIDS R US early childhood center at Sumulong Hi-Way, Antipolo City and I’m happy to say that we are going to our 8th year!
    Amongst the sprouting of schools in Antipolo City, Kids R Us is still considered a “purple cow” by the traditional and school giants in the area. My school is a small 3 classroom facility and the only school in the lower Antipolo area with a progressive curriculum.

    To cater to kids here, I offered a non-regular program to kids called Playcare, especially for kids aged younger than 3s. They come to school MWF, and enjoys hands on activities thru our thematic approach. Although it is non-regular ( they will receive a cert of attendance), playcare parents love the idea that the program aims to orient kids in the progressive school set up without the stress of too much focus on academics, as other schools give toddlers.

    For our regular preschool classes, we have at most 10 kids in a class, small in population, yet, kids here love reading so much that when they get to Sr. Kinder level, they are fluent readers already. Oftentimes, they pass exams to Big schools so only a few are left in my Prep level.

    I am also promoting progressive education to parents outside school as I am the playgroup consultant and teacher for Chicco toys. Through our seasonal playgroup sessions, I am able to utilize our Child- centered curriculum planning and training in facilitating kids of varying ages in designing activities that are hands-on, using some Chicco interacticve toys of course and the magic of our integrated core-curriculum in a day’s session. here I emphasize that learning should start at home with the family. using common objects, daily routine and a bit of music and messy art, kids are able to learn basic concepts through play and interaction.

    I am hoping to learn more teach. Can you suggest that I take up MFLCD or try to continue my Reading Ed?

    Thanks teach!

    1. Hi Teacher Marianne! Congratulations on your school! I hope to visit you soon 🙂 I suggest you take a Masters Degree in the College of Education of either Reading Ed, Curricular Studies, SpEd, etc. Taking up MFLCD is just repeating your undergrad so it would benefit you to take up another course. Hope this helps!

    2. Hi can anyone help me.which is better school for my 3yr ol daughter? Maria montessori school of q.c or carmel child learning center (ccdlc)? Or any feedback

      1. This is in reply to the query “…help me.which is better school for my 3yr ol daughter? Maria montessori school of q.c or carmel child learning center (ccdlc)”. We considered Maria Montessori before we eventually decided to send our daughter to Benedictine International School instead. We diligently researched and visited the schools before making our final decision. I do not want to publicly say anything negative about anyone and besides, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. All I can say is after our research, we chose Benedictine Int’l.over Maria Montessori and a couple of other schools. Which leads me to my advise to you that “knowledge is power”. After doing some online research, visit the schools, find out about their method of teaching and observe some classes.You might want to ask yourself these questions. 1) Are you aware that Maria Montessori is engaged in a legal battle right now with regards to the property where it stands? Someone is claiming ownership of the property where the school stands.; 2) If you are after the “montessori system”, I suggest that you conduct your own research because the term “montessori” is being used so loosely in the Philippines. There are standards and ways to find out if a school is really employing the “montessori system”; 3)What is the class size? When we visited Maria Montessori 3 years ago, we noticed that there were too many kids in one class. We believe that to get your money’s worth, your child should get quality teaching and close attention from the teacher. And this will be very difficult if there are too many kids in one class.

        Good luck.

  109. hi teacher tina. thank you for sharing your insights thru this blog. The more i read it, the more i’m leaning towards transferring my kids to a progressive school.

    my eldest is currently a 1st grader enrolled in a traditional school. she had outstanding grades when she was in prep in the same school. she may be good in academics but we noticed that as the years passed, she was not growing socially. she’s more shy/introverted now than when she was younger. she would literally run away when asked to introduce herself and avoid eye contact and inaudibly reply in conversations even with former teachers and other adults.

    more than this, 2 incidents that started us to seriously consider moving her to a progressive school were 1) the schedule of classes in her current school, mon – fri from 720am to 240pm which hardly leaves time for other activities like dance classes or play and 2) our first hand experience with her class adviser last week who was so cold, distant, and indifferent when we were speaking to her on the 1st day of classes. my daughter told us later on that she was rigid and ill-tempered most of the day, that she would reprimand a student for the most inconsequential things eg – the wheels on your bag are creating so much noise!, etc.

    our daughter used to love going to school but during this past week has expressed her hope to not have classes for the ff day and has been complaining of a tummy ache before going to school.

    may i seek your opinion regarding this? are these enough grounds to move on to a progressive school? we would prefer one nearby but we’ll give up the proximity factor in favor of one with kind teachers who value, appreciate and will help develop our child’s potentials to the max. if so, we hope you can recommend one here in quezon city (fairview/commonwealth area) with an elementary and high school department.

    thank you in advance for your reply.

  110. Hi Teacher Tina. I really feel it’s a blessing for me to have come across your blog. My son attended a progressive school during his preschool years. I’ve been wanting to go to a good progressive school for grade school and high school but didn’t know of any within our area. He’s now in grade 5 and is actually doing very well in his current school, a traditional one. I still believe in the benefits of a “good progressive” program, if you could recommend one within our area, but I don’t know if it would be advisable to transfer him at this point when he’s adjusted to the “traditional” setting. If ever, would you know of any school offering progressive programs for grade school to high school within the pasay-makati area?

  111. Hi Teacher Tina! I am so glad to have stumbled upon your site! I am a BS FLCD graduate and a former preschool teacher (before deciding to be a stay-at-home mom). My question has a bit of sensitivity to it, so is it possible to just ask for the official email of NEST where I can post my concern? It’s nothing earth-shattering. 🙂 Thank you so much, i hope to hear from you soon.

  112. hi teacher tina,,i;m from baguio and will be transferring to cainta this march..i would like to ask any good school in cainta that you would recommend for my high school and elementary kids progressive and traditional..your reply will be highly appreciated..tnx

  113. Hi Teacher Tina,

    My son is in Grade 7 in a traditional school. He is diagnosed with Dyslexia and ADHD when he was in Prep. Though he has no failing grades but his grades are not really impressive. Both of us are undergoing tremendous stress especially now that he is graduating grade school. I plan to find a progressive school for him even if he passed Grade 7. I want him to enjoy school rather than being stressed out due to homeworks and exams. After reading about progressive schooling, I am convinced that my son will greatly benefit from it. As I read your blogs, only COLF offers high school. I am fortunate that it is near where we live. May I ask if the subjects being taught in traditional schools the same with progressive schools? Also, do you have any idea how much the tuition fee is at COLF?


  115. Hi Teacher Tina. I would like to know if there is a progressive school near our place. We live in Barangay Loma de Gato, Meycauayan, Bulacan. As I browse all the messages here, I become to like the “progressive school” idea. I have 2 kids, currently in Grade I and Grade IV. Thank you for your time and reply. May God bless you.

  116. Hi Teacher Tina. I chanced upon your blog and thank God for it! Me and my family are relocating to the Philippines soon and would ask what are the progressive schools you could recommend in Taguig. My daughter is in grade 5. God bless you and your advocacy.

  117. Hi Teacher Tina,

    Do you know of a progressive school that has chinese as part of their curriculum. We are having a hard time choosing whether to send our daughter to a traditional chinese school or a progressive one. Is there a school that can give us the best of both worlds? 🙂 Hahaha.

    Aside from Nest and COLF, what other progressive schools can you recommend that has a good director/directress, faculty and repuration?

    Thank you very much.

  118. Hi. My daughter is currently enrolled in a progressive school in QC. Though I know that they value Christian teaching, I wonder if there is a Catholic progressive school?

  119. hi teacher tina. so happy that i stumbled upon your blog. my son’s devped gave my son an impression of ASD but is highly functional. my son is 5 yrs old and currently in a progressive preschool. we want to transfer him to a bigger school next year preferably a progressive one too. we went to keys but they only have 1 slot for an ASD child per class, and we will only know in april if they can accept my son. so teacher didi suggested some schools we can call. can you suggest some more progressive schools in the makati / mandaluyong and other nearby areas? i’m a little disappointed about this 1 special child per class. i also inquired with laren montessori and their quota for special needs kids is full na daw. i hope schools will soon get away from this ‘quota’ considering the growing number of special kids

  120. HI, Teacher Tina! Wow this thread has been going strong for 3 years now! There is a wealth of insights here from yourself and fellow moms…I’m so glad that I saw this!

    I am thinking of putting my 1.5year old child in school ASAP. I am due to give birth to my 2nd child in 3 months, and I am hoping that my eldest would have established some sort of school routine by then to keep him busy.

    Admittedly, my foremost consideration as of now is the school’s proximity to our home (San Juan/Mandaluyong). I have been referred to to Explorations, Julia Gabriel, ICBB and TLC. I was hoping you could consult with you on a couple of questions on my mind:

    1) Would you ALWAYS espouse a progressive education over a traditional one for toddlers? If not, how do you know which type of schooling would be a better fit for the child?
    2) I see that you recommend Explorations. I have only seen TLC come up once in the thread. Do you have an opinion on TLC? Right now, that is the only school that can accommodate my son immediately. The rest will only accept students next June.

    Thank you so much for your insights and for providing a venue for this exchange among parents!

  121. Hi Tina,

    I am wondering if I would still enroll my 4 yr old daughter to a progressive school. She is super makulit and I feel that a progressive school doesn’t have this disciplinary rules over children unlike in a traditional school. Please help me make up my mind. I’m still more inclined to a progressive school, i think i just need some more clarifications on how they would discipline the kids. And any recommendations for a progressive school here in Paranaque?

    Thank you very much for your useful and very informative blog. God bless!

  122. Hi Teacher Tina,

    Your blog is such a treasure trove of information!

    I’m mulling over the idea of sending my kid- who’s now in a traditional pre-school- to a progressive school. I’m just a bit apprehensive about how she’ll adjust once she moves to a traditional high school. But as you said in your previous replies to comments, it’s the confidence which helps kids from progressive schools cope.

    The tuition fee in progressive schools is one other thing which makes me a bit hesitant about taking the progressive school plunge. I guess, education is a privilege, and not a right 😦

  123. Hi Teacher Tina. Thank you very much for your blog and we value your recommendations very much. My son is in Grade 5 right now in a traditional school, and my wife and I are exploring other schools that you can recommend that are in (or near) the Marikina area. He’s currently studying in a traditional school in Katipunan, and we’d like to see him enjoy school and grow much more when he goes through secondary education. Thank you.

  124. Hi Teacher TIna,
    My daughter is turning 3 by July and will start schooling by next year. We are planning to enroll her at Philippine Institute of Quezon City (PIQC), is it advisable if we enroll her first this summer for a structured play group to get her prepped up or let her enjoy until school starts? Thank I will appreciate the advice.

  125. hi tina!
    I have been reading your blogs and comments. Your website has truly helped in educating all of us about progressive schooling. I was truly enlightened with the comparative analysis. My wife and I have been searching for good schools here in our area. After reading your article and some of the comments, we are convinced to enroll him to a progressive school.
    I pray that God will continue to bless you efforts and advocacy.
    By the way, I have a 3 1/2 year old son and a 1 1/2 year old daughter whom i want to enroll in a progressive school.
    We live in Taytay, Rizal Hi way. Kindly recommend progressive schools that you might know in the the area of taytay, cainta or angono.Hope to hear from you soon
    Thanks and God bless


  126. Hi Teacher Tina,

    It’s really a great blog…I am looking for persons who shares the same heart with me and I found it here. I’m just wondering how does the progressive school make a grade for their pupils. We like it or not,we need to fill out a progress report card and how does a progressive school card looks like. Can you please send me a sample of it? Thank you so much!

  127. Hi Teacher Tina,

    I have been reading your blogs and it inspired me to study more on progressive approach to teaching. This is because I’ve been thinking about sending my son (only child) to school this year. Though I’m really not quite sure if I should be sending him to school at a very young age (he’ll be 1y.o and 8 mos come June), the thing is, there aren’t many known good school here in Taytay, Rizal. Most of the schools in the so called “School Review” have already closed. (It actually made me think about putting up a school in this area). Can you suggest anything. Will appreciate it. You may also email me through Thank you so much!!

  128. Hi! I think it was part of God’s plan that led me to your page…We were actually praying for the right and best school for my daughter, 4yrs old, birthdate – Sep. 6, 2007. We live inside UP Campus Residence Village A. My daughter is presently enrolled at UP Barangay Center for Early Childhood Education, a.k.a. UP BCECE at Pook Ricarte. It’s a traditional school and we really want her the best school, this time! Our options were down to UP Child Development Center (or UP Family Life Child Development, FLCD) and Christian Child Care Center (CCCC). Before our first choice was the CCCC since the tuition is only Php17,000 plus but when i got curious about progessive school, then I was led to this site, I have changed my mind to enroll my child at UP CDC/FLDC though the tuition is Php30,500. However, the chances of getting into UP CDC is a challenge because of very limited slots. We have to wait or take chances through a DRAWLOTS. If the name of your child was drawn, that’s the only assurance she can enroll to UP CDC….haaay…Hope you could help me find a SURE way for my daughter to enroll at UP CDC. Please, please… Also please share you opinion with schools claiming that they do a combined progressive and traditional approach, such as the Ambassador School, if you’re familiar with it. Thank you

  129. Hi Teacher Tina,

    I am planning to transfer my 9 year old son. What progressive school in Antipolo would you recommend?
    I would really appreciate any advise. Thanks in advance.

  130. Wow! A lot of parents are now interested in progressive education! Hooray! Kudos to T. Tina and other educators who help parents understand this philosophy more. If I may Teacher, I just want to say that as a parent and a preschool teacher myself (BS FLCD and Language Ed), i have seen a lot of schools who claim that they are progressive but actually if you look at their methods closely, they are not. Some are still traditional in nature except they do not make children sit in rows, or that they make children “play” sometimes. What’s even sad is that sometimes their teachers think that they are doing the progressive way. There are many misconceptions about this philosophy and so I encourage other parents to look at the other posts in this blog so that when you go and look for a school, you’d be more equipped to say that the school is sincere in being a progressive institution. 😀

  131. hello teacher tina,
    I am sad and little disappointed that my daughter who will be grade 3 this coming school year can not be considered at TLT and your school (NEST), because she will just be 8 yrs old by August, that even she pass assessment, the school are strictly following the age grouping. huhuhu, sayang naman. kc parang wala na kong makitang progressive school near our place whose standards are same as yours. sad lang talaga ako.

  132. Hi Teacher Tina,
    I have my 9 year old eldest daughter studying in the best traditional all-girls school in Antipolo, however, eversince she entered there her grades did not progress as compared to her pre-school years where she was so active. Her performance is always mediocre and I’m beggining to feel depressed. I even availed of tutor for her to improve but to no avail.
    Now I’m thinking of moving her to progressive school because I’m quite facinated with all the write up about this new style of schooling.
    Kindly give me ideas on this and please guide me with informations as to where is the best progressive school in Rizal province and how much estimate cost will it be. We’re living in Taytay, Rizal.
    I really need your help.
    Thank you and God bless.

  133. hi teacher tina! i am planning to transfer my daughter to a progressive preschool here in marikina. can you suggest me a list of best progressive preschool here in marikina.? thank you!

  134. Hi teacher tina. While helping my 5 year old kindergartener review for her finals, it struck me that she might actually have dyslexia. She would interchange her b and d, write16 as 61 etc.. but I thought this was normal at her level of development. She has been inconsistent in her performance at her traditional Catholic all-girls school. After reading your blog, I want to get her into a progressive school that can address dyslexia, if indeed a pedia neuro confirms the diagnosis. Can you suggest any school orSpecial Ed teacher in the Naga City, Camarines Sur (Bicol) area? We will be moving there in a few months.

    1. I’ve been reading through this blog and see many of the concerns I was mulling over before I pulled my daughter from a large traditional school in Ortigas area and moving her to Domuschola in Pasig. I’m catholic school raised all my life, graduating at A catholic university here in Phil. I’m going to be harsh, the traditional school system is boring, stale, and uninspiring. My 5 year old daughter in my opinion was being held back and didn’t even enjoy going to class anymore. Compared to her work a year earlier in a semi-progressive prep school, she hadn’t learned anything at all. Her parent teacher conference was boring and uninformative. I had no idea to the progress of my child and I wasn’t happy. When I pulled her out and moved her to Domuschola, many of my friends were surprised because according to them getting into a big school is half the challenge. Rediculous to view my child’s education under those circumstances.

      Currently my daughter finished her first year at IB Domuschola international and I couldn’t be happier. She has learned so much more than even her north American counterparts. She has become inspired, inquisitive, passionate about her work, compassionate towards others, and she can actually relate what she learns towards things she sees and experiences in the outside world. Not just memorize, regurgitate, and purge. Another very cool thing is that my child presents to me what she has learned during the PTC. Those little things are what makes a child really enjoy school, and their enjoyment is whAt makes growth possible.

      I recommend Domuschola as an education that not only teaches academics but how knowledge can translate to life. A definate 10/10.

  135. May I kindly ask for your expert opinion, please. I checked out JASMS in Quezon City. Their Elementary Dept. principal was very warm and informative. I did a lot of reading about the school before visiting it. I have to say that I am impressed with their claimed teaching method which looks like a blend of Montessori and progressive to me. I also learned that the school is in the middle of constructing a new elementary building. This made me glad because their current facilities are old and worn and look outdated. But to me that’s secondary to the quality of education. They don’t charge that much anyway (P40T for Level-1) so I am not going to say that they are overpriced like A LOT of schools out there.

    Our child is currently thriving in the progressive international school that she is currently going to (just turned 7 years old; Level-1) and we are happy with the school and the staff. By the way, our child was born and raised in the US and has only spent the last 2-years in the Philippines. However, we might have to move somewhere near EDSA, mainly for business purposes so I started looking for a Montessori or progressive school that would be situated anywhere in between EDSA-Munoz and EDSA-Aurora Boulevard. Mind you, I did very extensive research 🙂 And I was surprised to find out that there are very few quality choices based on my requirement of accessibility/teaching method/quality of teaching/class size/appropriate tuition fee. And one those that got my attention was JASMS. Even though this was not the first time I heard of the school (I actually had friends back in the day who went there), I was so surpised to know that they are probably the first proponent of “the progressive method” in the Philippines. I must say that my few acquaintances who attended that school are confident, vocal and quite smart.

    My question to you is “What is your opinion about JASMS – after all these years? I am aware that it is common for any school’s credibility and standard to go up-and-down. But I just want to get an unbiased opinion from someone neutral who is not out there to “sell a school” or who has a child who actually goes to a certain school. I was told that they still implement the same teaching method/philosophy that they introduced to the Philippines so many years ago. As they say, “A Mercedes is a Mercedes, no matter how old it is.’. But I just want to find out what is your honest and expert opinion about the CURRENT state of JASMS?

    Thank you and more power to you.

  136. hi there! my son is entering grade one this coming school year and i would like to enroll him in a progressive school. id like to know some schools to choose from that is near our area (brgy. pansol) and of course affordable. ty. hope you can help.

  137. Hi Teacher Tina,

    My children are studying at TLT. I am just curious as to where did your children study high school after graduating at TLT? Hope to hear your reply soon. Thanks

    1. Hi Ed! My eldest was homeschooled and my second now goes to GCF-ICS (Greenhills Christian Fellowhip). Your choice of High School really depends on your child’s learning style.

  138. Hello Teacher Tina, I really love your blogs……… Went to NEST last week to inquire pero yung admin lng nka usap ko, I was xpecting na ma aacomodate kmi ng teacher para ma explain ang curriculm….do i need to make an appointmnt bago pumunta sa skul?

  139. Hello po teacher tina,tanong k lng po kung ano pinag kaiba sa progressive school sa traditional skul pero progressive approach?

  140. hi Teacher Tina, am a bit confused with the difference between a progressive and developmentally appropriate practice methods. can you please help me, the way i see it, looks like the same lang sila.

  141. Just my two cents anya, based from what I have learned, a progressive school uses developmentally appropriate practices (DAP). This means that the learning experiences given to the children matches their developmental needs and are age-appropriate. In other places, they use the “DAP methods” and not the term “progressive”, because there are other more specific kinds of progressive type of education (i.e. Bankstreet, High/Scope, Waldorf, etc.) Hope this helps. 🙂

  142. Thanks teachermama. 🙂 confusing lang sometimes whenever I inquire about a certain school, they will tell me they follow the DAP method and when i go and read their philosophy and all, it falls to the definition of a progressive method. hehe! Thank you so much 🙂

  143. hi teacher tina! great blog!
    will kids from a progressive elementary school have a hard time when they go to a traditional high school?

  144. ^
    in terms of exams, too much homework and a stressful schedule?
    are the books used in a progressive school different from what is used in a traditional school?

    thanks in advance for the ebook

  145. @ teachermama, i’ve read that you mentioned about waldorf in your reply to anya… Actually, i have no idea about progressive school just only after i came across to this blog. Re waldorf, my son supposed to go to school in a playschool here in baguio city patterned to waldorf form of teaching (sofia playgarden) so it means this play school is a progressive school? At first i have 2nd thoughts if i will bring my son to this play school but after reading this blog i will surely, enroll my son now… thanks for this very informative blog.

  146. Hi Teacher Tina. I’m a first time mom of a 1 year and 4 month old baby boy. I work and so does my boyfriend. Well, we feel very guilty since we don’t have enough time for our son when it comes to teaching him things. My question is, do you think it’s okay for our son to be enrolled this early to a progressive school?

  147. Hi Teacher Tina! You don’t know how glad I am to have come across your very informative blog!

    I have a son who has cognitive and speech delay. He is currently in a progressive preschool and undergoing speech and occupational therapy. With this, I would like ask you what the progressive schools are in the Q.C. area (grade school and also high school, if there are any) that offer SpEd as well.

    Thank you in advance and please continue sharing your much needed knowledge with us!

  148. Hi Teacher Tina can you help me in finding good progressive school in west fairview quezon city im planning to send my son in shool by june his turning 3 1/2 na. Hope you can help me. Thanks.

  149. Hi teacher Tina, thank you for painstakingly updating your blog for us parents to learning about the progressive way of education. My son Peewee (Preston) was diagnosed to have a developmental delay (speech) but has overcame the delay when he went to speech and occupational therapy for a year. The DevPed, Dr. Theresa Arranz-Lim, suggested to enroll him to a progressive school to aid his therapy sessions. Now he is in kindergarten and enjoying every single bit of school. We plan to enroll him to NEST for grade one and hopefully he gets in. My question is how does a progressive school deal with values formation? We are aware that it is truly the parents’ responsibility to guide the child to be a good and moral person, aware of his surroundings and other people but we also believe that we have to partner with a school that shares with the values we cherish. Both my husband and I grew/studied in a catholic school from preschool to high school and we both agreed that our schools helped a lot with our beliefs and values. Can a Catholic progressive school even a possibility? I hope you can enlightened me with this teacher Tina. 🙂

  150. Hello just wanted to give you a brief heads up
    and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading correctly. I’m
    not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different internet browsers and both show the same outcome.

  151. Hi Teacher Tina. I am currently looking for a progressive pre-school and grade school in Quezon City for my two sons. Anyway, I have heard about John Dewey school. Do you have any idea about that school? Hope you can help me. Thanks.

  152. Hi Teacher Tina,

    Do you know any school (grade school and pre-school) in San Pedro-Binan Laguna which is a Progressive School? I have a Grade 6 and Nursery student by next school year. Appreciate your reply. Thanks

  153. Hi teacher Tina. This blog is very informative and provides a lot of insights. Thank you for sharing your expertise through Q&A. I enrolled my son in preschool as early as 1.8 years in QC. Now that he’s turning 3. I believe he’s ready for more academic type of learning but Im inclined to enrol him in a progressive school as nursery. My son loves storytelling and he’s very interested in books. Sometimes he narrates stories from books through pictures. He often asks me to read words from grocery stuff like bottles, tetra packs, etc. I dont know how to teach him how to read and I wonder if he could get reading lessons as early as Jr. Nursery through phonics. We plan to enrol him in TLT this June. Do you think he’ll be able to read in Jr Jursery or should we enrol him in enhancement class like Kumon or Galileo? Thanks a lot.

    1. You’re on the right track Mommy KTIN. TLT is a great school! It’s also wonderful that your son is a budding reader. Don’t worry too much on his reading skills. From your stories, he enjoys it enough to be a successful reader. I dont think you have to enroll in any extra classes. Im sure he’ll enjoy it in TLT 🙂 Hope this helps!

  154. Hi Teacher Tina,

    It is such a nice surprise to come across a blog like yours. My son has been enrolled in a progressive school since the very beginning. I do not have a question except I would like to know where I can purchase your e-book – “I Love to Read! — A Progressive Approach in Encouraging your Child to Read”? I feel it will be very helpful to me to get my son started with reading. My dilemma is the opposite of Mommy KTIN as he is not so enthusiastic about it and we are seriously thinking of enrolling him in Kumon over the summer.

    Thank you in advance!

  155. HI Teacher Tina,

    I’m very thankful to find this blog. My husband and I are currently so confused on where to send our 4.6 y/o son this school year. At first we were both convinced of sending him to a Montessori school so we enrolled him in summer advanced class in one of the “Montessori” schools here in QC only to find out that not all that claims to be Montessori is real..then we started to do our research and learned a lot from blogs like yours. Then we found one authentic near Katipunan but the problem is the location from our house because we live near Delta (quezon ave corner west ave) and there is no school service that can accommodate us from that school. Hope you can enlightened us if we would rather send him to progressive school instead because as we have read, Progressive method would also be good to our playful, creative, imaginative and adventurous child. We noticed that he has good memory skills when he’s only less than 2 y/o.He likes to read books and started reading 3-4 letter word on his own at age 2.5 and now he can read street signs,phrases and loves to imagine and create things like time machine,tower,parking lots etc. out of his toys at age 4+. Hope you can you also suggest a great progressive school near our location.thanks a lot and more power!

    1. @CHIN…May I just make a couple of suggestions. JASMS is very near your place. They are the pioneers in the Philippines when it comes to “progressive” style of teaching. I know you might say that facilities are old but they have began upgrading them starting with a brand new building last year. I know because I inquired last year. And they said they are very focused on “reclaiming their old glory”. There’s also THE SEED MONTESSORI in Zuzuarregui (near Holy Spirit Drive). They are an “authentic Montessori school”. Zuzuarregui is on both sides of Commonwealth Avenue. One side is near Toyota. The school is on the other side. It is not along Commonwealth Avenue. You have to drive further into the road. I have a couple of friends who have kids there and are very happy. I also inquired at this school. P.S. We eventually decided on an international school that uses a “blended Montessori and traditional method” for our child because she was born and raised in the U.S. and we thought that it would be best for her to go to an international school. Good luck to you.

    2. @CHIN…Further to my last message/suggestion to you, may I also add ANGELICUM COLLEGE to the list of schools you may want to look at. Believe it or not, they are very progressive. I guess not too many people are aware of that because it has been stereotyped as a very traditional school since it is owned by the Dominicans. But in reality, they are very progressive and their method is very Montessori-like.

  156. @RMaleeka… thanks for the suggestions!=) You’re right those are the two closest progressive schools to our place. We have actually considered them both, but after inquiring from Angelicum, we have decided to enroll our son to JASMS because of the Pre-school class size which is around 8 to 11 students compared to 25-30 in Angelicum. We are planning to try JASMS first but if it wouldn’t work well with our son, maybe we’ll transfer him to Angelicum in grade school since it’s also more accessible to us and their Tuition Fee is also lower considering they are both progressive and Angelicum College has far better facilities than JASMS.. we’ll see the outcome first..Hope we made the right decision. We are so excited for our son’s first day in school! =) thanks again!

  157. Hi Ms. Tina, so happy to come accross your blog. Very informative and helps us a lot in understanding the progressive way of teaching which we heard from the preschools we have scouted for our 3 year old baby. Ms. Tina we enrolled our baby at Galileo Learning Center for a two months summer class and for a short period of time we noticed a big difference in her attitude towards learning, her actions and demeanor. She learned a lot from the said summer class. We scouted for other preschools due to very small area and facilities provided by Galileo.
    As of the moment, we plan of enrolling her to Cambridge-Banawe for Nursery 1 . Please advise if said school is okay. Tuition fee is quite high so we wanted to know if it’s worth the price. Thank you in advance.

  158. Hi T. Tina,

    Would you know if there are any progressive high schools in th QC area? My son is in Gr. 5 at a progressive school that he loves but it doesn’t look like they are going to set up a high school program. I’d really like him to go to a progressive high school if possible since I don’t like the idea of a large student to teacher ratio. Do you have any suggestions?

  159. I am wondering where to find a progressive school near fort bonifacio, particulary mc kinley hill, m new around the area, and badly needs help. Thank u

    1. Hi Leilette! YOu can visit The Learning Jungle. It’s located in f112-113 Forbeswood Heights Condominium, Rizal Drive, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Their email is and their contact numbers are 9152773 or 09178133395

      1. Thank u for ur reply, can u recommend elem. progressive school near mc kinley fort bonifacio?
        My daughter is in gr 2

  160. Hi Teacher Tina,
    My son has been going to a progressive school since he was 2 years and 10 months. We believed he was extremely advanced for his age (he is turning 4 this month), so we had him tested for giftedness. The psychologist said he was gifted with an ave iq of 138. We’ve decided to continue him in a progressive school instead of sending him to a traditional school (xavier/lasalle). We’re looking at progressive schools in the ortigas, pasig, mandaluyong, greenhills area (with preschool and grade school) which can help him grow and develop his gifts better. We had considered just having him accelerated but believe he’s better with kids his age for now so his social skills/writing/everyday skills will not get left behind. He gets quite bored when the lessons/topics are too easy for him but lights up when it’s the more challenging stuff (math concepts/problem solving). He can read books meant for children 2-3 years older. We aren’t familiar of any schools for giftedness except for headway school in teacher’s village UP. He is turning 4 just this month and just in nursery class at his current school. Do you have any suggestions? I only know of Domuschola and Explorations/Keys. Any recommended schools? Thank you very much.

    Mommy Jayme

    1. Mommy Angela, UP-CDC’s admission is by drawing of lots or “tambiolo” type. After the application period, slots are raffled off depending on availability. Hope this helps!

  161. Hi! Truly grateful if you can give recommendations of good progressive schools in pasig/eastwood/ortigas area since we live in Pasig. Of course we prefer those schools nearer to us. Thanks!

    1. @ALAZAR
      I hope this helps you:

      1. Reedley International School (corner of C-5 and Ortigas Avenue). TF=P150T in elementary. Website is

      2. Domuschola International School (near St. Paul’s Pasig). TF=P145T in elementary. Website is

      3. Romarinda International School (next to Renaissance Towers). TF=P120T n elementary. Website is

      Good luck!

  162. Hi! I’m a single mom of a 5-year old boy. He’s currently enrolled in a pre-school within our village. After reading blogs from different moms, and from you, the difference from traditional and progressive schools, I’m now inclined in enrolling my son next school year to a progressive school. Primarily because of the teacher-student ratio and it is student-centered. Teaching is more individualized and personalized. Being a working single mom, I would like my son to attend a school where his skills would be developed and maximized. I don’t like ways in traditional schools wherein the teachers’ main objective is to finish his/her lesson plan, regardless if the child understands it or not. I want him to understand and not just memorize.

    A friend of mine told me that a lot of schools claim that they are a “Progressive School”, could you suggest/recommend progressive schools within quezon city?

    1. @LIZA:
      I hope this helps you:

      1. Benedictine Int’l. School in Capitol Hills, Q.C. (near Ayala Heights and Celebrity Sports Club). 15-kids max/class. Starts teaching Mandarin & Korean in Grade-1. Uses Singapore Math. Formerly “Benedictine Abbey of Quezon City”. Uses blended progressive and traditional method. TF=P90T in elementary. Owners are actively involved in running the school. Website is

      2. JASMS near EDSA/GMA. Pioneer of progressive teaching method in the Philippines. Founded 50+ years ago. 20-kids max/class. “…The JASMS Way is a locally developed non-traditional and progressive education system that values the dignity of each individual….”. AFASIK, they built a new elementary building and introduced foreign language in elementary last year. TF=P50T in elementary. Website is

      3. Angelicum College near Sto. Domingo church. Surprisingly progressive even though it is run by the Dominicans. Founded in 1972. “The Angelicum System adheres to the theoretical framework and established practices of a non-graded system of education…Its primary concern is to accept and respect individual differences.” TF=P45T in elementary. Even offers a home study program (but child is required to physically go to the school twice every week). Website is

      4. The Seed Montessori near Holy Spirit Drive and Don Antonio. AUTHENTIC Montessori unlike others that only use the word “Montessori” to attract attention. “The Seed Montessori School is organized and operated by 3-generation Montessori teachers trained in prestigious Montessori training centers in Italy and the United States under the supervision of Association Montessori International.” TF=P50T in elementary. Established in 1988. Website is

      Good luck!

  163. Hi teacher tina , i am planning to transfer my son to amprogressive school next year, he will be incoming grade 4 student. He is currently an honor stident in his traditional school. I just want him to develop confidence and fluency in english, since coming from a trad. chinese school he is not fluent in english being tagalog was his first tongue. I am just curious how progressive school students fare in ncee (what we call them during our time) and college entrance exams ? Thank you.

  164. Hi teacher Tina,
    Can you provide me a list of progressive school located in taytay rizal or maybe within the vicinity. I’m looking for one as per recommended by our doctor. My eldest was diagnosed with learning disability ADHD inattentiveness particularly and my youngest has speech developmental delay. Looking forward for your immediate response,it will be of great help to start.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Alma, I’m also from Taytay Rizal, and i’m also in search of a progressive school near Rizal, I happen to search the Brainworks school in Cainta. I still don’t know if it is a good school. If you have any inputs please let me know. Thanks in advance.

  165. @LIZA. I saw your post and I just felt like helping you out. Here are some the I can recommend to you:

    1. Benedictine International School – Capitol Hills near Ayala Heights. Originally “Benedictine Abbey of Quezon City”. Blended progressive and traditional. 15 kids max per class. Teaches foreign language (Mandarin and Korean) and Singapore math method in elementary. TF is P90T. Our child goes to this school.

    2. JASMS – EDSA near GMA. Pioneer of progressive method of teaching in the Philippines. I think they’ve been doing it for more than 50 years. Class size is 20 max. What I don’t know is if they already started teaching foreign language in elementary. TF is P40T.

    3. Angelicum College. Next to Sto. Domingo Church. Established in 1972. Very progressive, you’ll certainly be surprised. “…system is non-graded…learners can individually move through the content (the curriculum) at his own pace, corresponding to his own abilities, interests, and needs…” TF is P40T.

    4. The Seed Montessori – near Don Antonio and Holy Spirit Drive. Authentic Montessori method of teaching. A lot of other schools just use the word “Montessori” for marketing but do not actually teach that way. Established in 1988. “…organized and operated by 3-generation Montessori teachers trained in prestigious Montessori training centers in Italy and the United States…”. Class size is 20 max. TF is P50T.

    I hope this helps you. And just a piece of advice, take your child on a tour of the schools because I think that it is also important for the child to be comfortable in the school where you will enroll him. Good luck!

  166. I’m so glad I came across this blog! Teacher Tina, can you recommend a progressive school near the CAMANAVA area? Thanks so much and God bless!

  167. My daughter studied in STC, since she was having difficulty, i transferred her in Angelicum. My problem is, we transferred from qc to global city. Can u recommend a progressive friendly school near sm aura? We live near the area.
    Hoping for ur reply.
    Am a single working mom.

    1. Hi teacher tina! I have a 5yo son who went to traditional school and im planning to trnsfer him to a good progressive school in pasig? Ive noticed that almost all progressive schools near our area have tuition fees as high as 100k? I am hoping that i could find one whose tuition fee is more affordable. Thank u so much!

  168. Hi Teacher Tina,

    I have a 3 year old daughter enrolled in a progressive school. I can see how she differs from others of the same age or even older when analyzing and explaining things and experiences she encounters. She enjoys school and I agree that she retains the learning she acquires. However we are also considering enrolling her in a traditional school but I am quite caught-in-between because I can see how she progressed since she joined “Toddlers Unlimited”. Just that we would like to explore possibilities as well. Could you recommend other progressive schools within Muntinlupa and Las Pinas area? At least for comparison?

    Another thing is that we worry that if she continues to study in a progressive school, she might end up not adjusting well to a big school for elementary level. Would you consider it a challenge since most of the schools for elementary education is traditional?

    Thank you. Appreciate your feedback on this.

  169. Hi Teacher Tina, I’m so happy I’ve finally found a column like yours. So far, after reading alot of blogs, yours is the only one that really offers the widest and most convincing facts on progressive education.
    By the way, my son is 3&8mos., my husband & I agreed to send him to school when he is matured enough to handle school, regardless of age. Right now, we thought he is prepared already and one thing we are sure of is that we want to send him in a progressive school nearest our place. We live in Pateros and I haven’t heard of any progressive school here considering that I inquired to about 10 schools already.
    There’s one called Accelerate Preschool, they used to be a Montessori but changed to Ecclectic approach. I really like it there and my son enjoyed sitting in to one of their classes, however, it’s a bit far from our place. Another one is Smart Kidz (School of Mind Achievers And Researchers of Tomorrow) in Pembo Makati, the preschool head told me they are progressive but didn’t elaborate and went on to school fees. She showed us around the presch dept but didn’t allow us to even peep in to their nursery class since classes are going on.
    I heard alot of progressive schools in BGC but we’re not ok with the distance. Others I’ve also inquired are LRC Learning Center and Fortridge Asian School. I really hope you can recommend me a progressive school within Pateros if there is any. Thank you so much Teacher Tina and more power.

  170. Hi teacher Tina, I’m currently looking for a progressive school in Makati preferrably Salcedo area, do you have any recommendations? I enrolled my only child in Smart Explorers International Preschool in Legaspi St., Makati when she was 1 yr and 3 mos old, and I noticed that her social skills improved, she went there for a year. We are currently looking for a new progressive school in our area which is both good and affordable. By the way, my daughter’s turning 3 this May 🙂
    Hope you can help us, Thanks!

  171. Hi Teacher Tina, I stumbled upon your blog while doing research for an article. I am wondering if you know any progressive schools in the Pasay area. I would have loved to try your school but it’s quite far. thanks!

  172. Hi Teacher Tina. I am currently looking for a progressive school here in Cainta/Pasig area. My son is 7yo and a grade 1 student in a traditional school. He also have speech delay and we think that he is having a hard time in a traditional school. Hope you can help us. Thanks

  173. Hi, Teacher Tina, I am currently looking for progressive school here in cainta, my son is 4 years old , can u help us find the best preschool here? Thanks in advance

  174. Hi Teacher Tina.
    Is there any good progressive elementary school in alabang and laspinas area? My daughter is a 7years old a Grade 2 student. Please help.

    Thank you. Appreciate your feedback Teacher Tina. God bless

  175. Hi Teacher Tina. I have a 3yr old son who was diagnosed with Autism. I just want to know more about progressive schools and the approach of progressive teaching. Is it better for hin to go to a progressive school rather than traditional school? Can you recommend a good progressive school for all grade levels in Fairview? Thank you!

  176. Hi Teacher Tina,

    I would like to ask if you know any progressive school in Manila area, preferably near Tondo Manila. My son is 4 yrs old and was diadnosed with ASD. His SpEd teacher advised us that he is now ready and will be better if he goes to a progressive school. I’m scouting for schools for 2 weeks now but can’t find one. 😦

  177. Hello Teacher Tina,

    Do you know any progressive school in Bulacan, specifically in Guiguinto or Malolos area?

    My 5-year-old son goes to a Catholic traditional school, and I don’t believe he is learning as much given his very active personality.

    It is unfortunate that we cannot find any real progressive school here in Bulacan. For those who have discovered good ones, please enlighten us.

    Thank you. 🙂

  178. Hi Teacher Tina,

    I stumbled quite luckily onto your site a couple of years ago, when I was pregnant with my son, so very early on I was inspired to send him to progressive preschool. Thank you for being so generous with your insights! They’re really helpful to a first-time mom like me.

    The little bugger is now turning 3 years old and I’ve been searching for a good toddler / preschool for him in the Makati area. I hope you can point me to any good progressive schools you may have heard about in this neck of the woods 🙂

  179. Hi! I started sending my daughter to a small neighborhood school here in Makati when she was 1 yr 9 mos. last summer then she continued for her toddler class. I believe the school’s approach is progressive and happy with her development so i would still enrol her there for nursery. Too bad we will be moving by next year so she cant continue her stay in that school.
    Can i ask for recommendations for a good progressive school preferably in Taguig or Pasig area. Thanks in advance.

  180. Hi teacher Tina, have you heard of Child’s place DAP, located in Taytay Rizal? Couldn’t find reviews re this school. Planning to send my 2 tots there since it’s just a 3 minute drive from home. Ive visited the place, nice facilities and according to the teacher we spoke with na progressive school sila. Kindly enlighten me of more details re this coz the fees for two tots are pricey. Thank you so much! Mum J

  181. Hi teacher Tina and all the mothers out there 🙂 do you know any progressive schools in Manila, my son is going 3 this May and we live in Vito Cruz Manila.

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