WiaPS: The Seminar! (Final Update!)

Okay guys, after getting numerous requests to attend the seminar, we have decided to categorize the participants by parents and teachers/school owners. Here are the final details:

Date:  March 27, 2010 (Saturday)

Venue: Mom and Tina’s (Pasig/Libis), across SM Hypermart Pasig

Time:  For parents interested in the Progressive Philosophy, 2-4 pm

For teachers/school owners who want to put up a school or improve the one they have, 4-6 pm

Fee:  PhP500 to cover food and venue

Registration: The seminar is only for 10 parents and 10 teachers/ school owners. If you are interested, you have to write a comment on this post on the topic you wish us to discuss. I will then send you an e-mail on how to confirm your registration and remit payment. The winner of the free slot will be announced next week!

See you on the 27th!

37 thoughts on “WiaPS: The Seminar! (Final Update!)

  1. hi im leonard, a biology teacher by profession who got into preschool teaching for more than three years.

    aside from the basic stuff, i wish to know the path to starting a progressive school, i just stopped from my MA in educational administration in trying to figure out which one to take ECE or FLCD.

    thank you

  2. Hi. I’m a parent of toddlers who are soon to be in preschool. I’d like to attend the fellowship. Generally, I just want to learn about the progressive method of education.

  3. Hi,

    I am searching the internet last night hoping i can find and read some articles about pre school preparation and i am so thankful that i was able to find this blog. I learned a lot and it gave me more ideas how to make my dream school, Golden Minds Academy, be a progressive school. It inspired me. When i watched the video re: children full of life, am moved, am touched. This is all about 1 teacher who integrate “notebook letters” in classroom. It reminds me of EQ- emotional quotient being more important than IQ – intelligence quotient. As a mother of 2 kids, reading your articles help me a lot how to handle them properly—also help preparing myself to be the mother of all the kids who will enroll in our school. It reminds of an idea that my school must be “kid friendly” by applying these principles:

    Learning by Doing
    Learning by Playing
    Learing is Fun.

    Thank u again for sharing your thoughts. God bless.

    For the seminar, i am curious about the date isn’t March 2010? Fees? Where? Please update me.

    1. Oh my goodness! Thanks, Nora, for showing me my error in typing the year of the seminar. Yes, it’s in 2010 🙂 Hope to meet you soon. You can post questions too!

  4. hi tina,

    through nora, i learned and knew your seminar by march. Please include me as one of the participants to your incoming seminars. Please provide me how much fee for this? thanks i got information about progressive school.
    God Bless.

  5. Hi! I have been scouting the Internet for a good progressive school in my area. I am a single parent and I need all the help I can get in educating my child. If you could include or at least give out flyers containing schools in different areas including not so provincial places like Cavite and Laguna, that would be great! I went to traditional schools all my life and I dont think I enjoyed it a bit, save for the dance club and other school activities. 🙂

    So I am very curious and very very interested to send my son to a progressive school and I hope I find one soon since he’s turning 2 this June. What I’m very interested of is the technique on how to engage the child to learn through playing.

  6. I am hoping that the seminar would feature a discussion on the benefits of putting your child to a progressive preschool.

    It would also be helpful if you could include recent studies and researches that would support such practice.

    I also hope that the seminar would discuss ways how the progressive type of philosophy supports the performance of young children when they enter the big schools.

    God Bless with the seminar, teach:)

  7. Hi teacher tina! As a parent who sends her child to a progressive school, i read about many things that made me feel vindicated about my feelings towards progressive education.

    for traditionally schooled parents who feel uneasy about sending their children to progressive schools , i guess these are some of “our” concerns.

    – how about the mastery of the lessons? Aside from the (progressive) school assessment, how can we gauge this?

    – can the lessons being tackled in those traditional schools, be tackled in a progressive school also (of course in a different way)? for “competitiveness” / especially for high school preparation?

    – how can we reinforce / add complementing activities to the lessons learned in school (i.e. the child is having a hard time / the child is eager to learn more about a particular subject)

    – there is an assessment period every quarter/ semester, aside from the traditional question / answer/ explain – how can we “review” our children of their past lessons? what activities can we do with them? (sorry for the lack of creativity! i’m just hoping you have other/better ideas)

    – some progressive schools do not provide a curriculum / calendar / outline about the topics they currently tackle in school (for the month/week) . How do i know what they are doing in school? so as to assist my child in doing learning activities outside the classroom?

    – there are many progressive elementary schools. But, after graduating 6th grade, what happens? what school can we send our child if homeschooling is not possible?

    how much is the seminar? when? where?

    1. Great questions, Pia! I’ll try to answer in this post or in the seminar. Due to some scheduling concerns, the seminar has been moved to March 27, from 3 to 5 pm. Venue to be announce but most probably will be in the Ortigas area. Keep on reading!

      P.S. I’d just like to answer one of your questions.. Lessons in traditional schools are the same, if not more, in progressive schools. I think you’re referring to grade school. In this case, even progressive grade schools are under DepEd and should adhere to DepEd’s scope and sequence. What’s good about progressive schools is that they tackle even more than DepEd requirements because of more experiential and hands-on activities. Hope this helps!

  8. hi, i’m interested to attend the seminar. the progressive method of teaching is something new to me as i have attended a traditional school during my time. i am currently evaluating pre-schools and hopefully, i will choose the one that will fit my children best.

  9. hi, i’m a parent and very much interested in promoting alternative education in the country –

    one big difference i experienced between the traditional Filipino curriculum and the alternative, more experiential approach to learning is how the humanities is approached.

    maybe one of the topics one can discuss is the the importance of the humanities in cultivating a whole, integrated and thinking child which would later on translate to a responsible adult citizen. areas like history, art, literature, and music, these are not just subjects to ‘prettify’ the curriculum, the humanities sets the foundation for a truly educated person.

    in the philippines, we give much importance to rigidity, memorization, math and science, honors, number/letter grades, forgetting that experiencing, and not just studying, the humanities teaches us how to think critically, argue intelligently, and question the status quo. schools shouldn’t kill creativity, they should encourage it, cultivate it, enrich it.

    i think one of the problems of our lack of pride as a people, our lack of accountability, even lack of common sense (definitely irritating when dealing with customer service), could be attributed to the lack of importance given and the methodical approach to the humanities in our years of formal education.

    we need to realize that education is not just to enable the child to find a decent job after graduation, it’s so much more than that. if you agree, i think this topic would be an interesting and enlightening experience. we can aptly call it “do schools kill creativity?” not that i’m a morbid person. haha. but boy am i glad, the alternative approach to learning is gaining acceptance in the philippines.

  10. hi teacher tina, would you consider the waldorf/steiner method under the progressive umbrella, or is it in its own catgory? it would be interesting to touch on this too. i’m personally curious but know very little about it, aside from the online articles i read

  11. Hi Teacher Tina! my daughter currently goes to playschool and I am thinking of switching her to a montessori school. I would be interested to join your seminar. Thanks!

  12. Hi Teacher Tina,

    My friend Grace Dousel already mentioned to you that I am thinking of expanding my school to grade school. I am interested in attending the seminar this March so I’ll know how to go about the expansion.

    Also, I am a mom to 2 kids, ( 7 and 4 years old) and my first grader is in a traditional school and I am seriously contemplating on transferring her to a progressive school for next school. So I hope to learn more about progressive approach to learning on your seminar. I just hope it was sooner because I have to pay reservation fee already next week!

    Thank you and God bless!

  13. Hi Teacher Tina,

    I am also a parent searching for the right school for my son. Even before I conceived, I’ve been set on sending my child to a non-traditional school. My son is currently with a montessori school. He’ll be an incoming Prep student that’s why I am scouting for a good alternative grade school for him already. But I am very much interested in the progressive philosophy of teaching. I hope to be able to join your seminar so I could know more of how this method of teaching would benefit a child in learning not just through memorizing facts but by becoming a critical thinker. Thanks!

  14. hi teacher tina, its me again 🙂 I read about the final update – as much as i want to wait if i have a chance to win (haha!) .. i don’t want to end up with no slot! Hehe! Ive been waiting for this seminar so im really eager to join 🙂 Please send me the info about how to confirm attendance and pay too. I already posted my (ton of) questions above 🙂 Thanks much!

  15. Hi! We will be sending our daughter to school in June. I am hoping to attend this seminar and find out what our expectations should be. We do not want schooling to be no fun for her.

  16. Teacher Tina,

    I hope there’s still a slot left for a mommy who has been so busy with lots of stuff and managed to slip in internet time just now. I would like to attend both sessions since I would be coming with my friend, Selina Eleazar, who is planning to expand her pre-school. I am also interested in how to set-up a progressive pre-school…just in case God takes us back to India. I would love to bring the progressive philosophy there!

  17. Hi Mom. I’m reading your blog because I thought I might find a topic for my talumpati in it. And I did! 😀 And now I can’t stop reading so I’m not doing my homework. Hahaha.

    I miss you, please go home now.


  18. Hello Teacher Tina. I am Llenell Paz, a graduating student of FLCD, I am just curious about the teacher’s seminar, what’s it all about? Can I join even if just to learn? 🙂 I really don’t have any questions, just want to connect out there. Thanks.

    1. Hi Llenell! Of course you’re welcome to join the 4pm schedule. I know you’re already well-equipped, being an FLCD grad. BUt this seminar will also tell you the current issues facing the progressive philosophy and progressive schools.

      You might even be convicted to start a school 🙂 Hope to see you there!

  19. I am interested to attend the seminar. i am a parent with a son with special needs. he is actually at risk of ADHD.

    Hope you can still accomodate 1 participant .
    Thanks in advance.

  20. Hello from the US. I am so pleasantly surprised that there is a following for progressive education in the Philippines. I am a parent, writer, and progressive educator, and live in California. Hope I can be of help to others as my children go to a progressive school. I was exposed to PE when I trained as a Learning Success Coach, then I sent my kids to a PE school. At some point I hoipe to work at a PE school. At the moment, my goal is to simply educate parents about the scientific underpinnings of the various constructivist approaches used in PE and promote PE. It’s a difficult process. It’s important to understand that your family values need to match the values of PE. My theory is that for parents to embrace PE, they first need to parent children in a “positive parenting” manner. How one disciplines a child essentially dictates whether a family will take to PE or not. There are many connections. For now I will simply give an example: if a parent’s discipline is based on a reward or punishment system, most liikely that style will go counter to the discipline approaches used in PE. Parents won’t understand the PE “discipline” process because it is based in giving student’s a voice, choices -that’s just one example. I hope someone in the seminar can address how a proressive education starts the day your child comes home and you decide whether to let the child cry it out or sleep with you . . . To get the maximum benefit from a PE approach, you need to start early and stick to it to the very end -12th grade here in the state. After 18 years, if done right, you’ll have one heck of a confident, thinker. Good luck with your seminar.

  21. hi MS. GRACE – i just read your comment. 🙂

    I have a 5yr old daughter who has been going to a progressive preschool for the past 3 years already, and i believe it has worked wonders for her. 🙂 So i want her to go to a progressive school until she can – up to high school 🙂

    I am just curious, how much is progressive schools in the states? like in your area po… I just wanna compare … My mom kasi wants to relocate in the states in a few years time with my younger sisters who are still in grade school. 🙂 My dad is based in the west coast too:)

    So i’m thinking also if i would send my daughter to school there, how much is the approximate cost? does that include the books/supplies, etc? She’s gonna be in 1st grade in 2 years 🙂 Usually mas mahal kpag younger kids dba.:)

    Hope to hear from you!

  22. hi, i read the wiaps seminar days before its schedule. unfortunately, it falls on the same date as our graduation day…hope you can have another seminar about progressive schools. i am an owner of a one year old preschool and i believe it would be an enriching experience for a teacher like me to hear and listen from your experiences.

  23. Please email me sched of next seminar as i would like to attend. I have been very interested with progressive school set up since i enrolled my son im one.

    Thanks a lot and more power!

  24. Hi! I am a teacher. I am very interested about attending a seminar about progressive education. I am hoping there’s another one. =)

  25. im on a process to put up a preschool in our province thats why i want to attend some seminars to educate myself also about this .. please email me hwn is your next seminar about this ..thanks and more power

    1. Roselyn, thanks for your interest! The blog is preparing to tour the country to spread the progressive philosophy. Watch out for further announcements!

  26. Hi! I am a part time college instructor from Cebu. I am very interested about attending a seminar about progressive education. Kindly schedule the next seminar please as soon as possible.

  27. Hi Teacher Tina! I just came across your site now and I’m really glad I did. I’m really very interested in promoting the progressive system of education, especially for the elementary and high school levels. Would you be holding any more seminars soon?

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