What happens when 4 progressive schools play together?

Timpalakasan 2010!

When Teacher Tin Canon of Create-Learning Paths (CLP) called Teacher Ani Almario of The Raya School, Teacher Tina Zamora of Nest and Teacher Aleta Villanueva of The Builders School for a meeting about an inter-school event, everyone was excited to go. Since all schools had small populations, like all progressive schools usually are, having a chance to interact with other schools is a good experience for their students.

One good thing about progressive school owners is that they usually know one another. They even refer students to each other’s schools. Their generosity with their time and knowledge only shows that their priority is child development and education rather than profit.

The first project was an inter-school Palarong Pinoy aptly titled Timpalakasan (Timpalak and Palakasan).The games started with the parade of school colors..

followed by the singing of the National Anthem..

the prayer..

and the Sportsmanship Oath.

The different schools then proceeded to their bleacher area for their cheer.

The Opening Remarks were given by Teacher Tin Canon..

The indigenous games that  were played were Araw o Gabi,

Karera ng Bilao,

Larong Goma,

Karera ng Gulong,


Hilahan ng Dahon

and Bato Bato Pik.

The Bato Bato Pik segment was extra special because each team that played was composed of students from the different schools. This was suggested to promote camaraderie and build friendships between schools.

The prize for each game was a Putong — A head dress given to noble guests and dignitaries in a ceremony originating from Marinduque.

This really was a milestone for progressive schools. More events to come!

3 thoughts on “What happens when 4 progressive schools play together?

  1. T. Tin, T. Tina, T. Ani and T. Aleta<
    Congratulations for a job well done! Ang galing-galing!! I'm so proud of you guys!

    –Teacher Claudette

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