The goal is EDUCATION

While reading John Dewey’s writings , I came across one of his notes on progressive education. This sums up all the Search phrases I get in the blog. Stop comparing traditional vs. progressive and focus on the goal:

The fundamental issue is not of new versus old education nor of PROGRESSIVE against TRADITIONAL education but what, if anything whatever, must be worthy of the name EDUCATION.


9 thoughts on “The goal is EDUCATION

  1. I agree! I found this site while researching information for my own Philosophy of Education paper wherein the Prof wants us state which branch of philosophy we support. I have a real issue in labeling our belief systerms as entirely one way or the other. Whats it matter what we name it as long as it works and kids learn…thats our goal as educators!! Not to support a branch of philosopy, but to educate our future!

  2. Hello,

    My name is Chino Ragragio, I’m a dad, and for some time now, an associate manager in an advertising company. My son is in kinder 2 right now, and I know he’ll be off to college in no time, so I’m making the most out of it. I appreciate the efforts the teachers bring in child formation, especially because they spend more time in school than at home.

    I just have to say I admire your blog and the following it getts. I would actually like invite or request you to share a little something about the importance of kids’ play-time, not video games or anything digital. I mean the engaging, active fun of spending the afternoons under the sun. I know it may seem contradictory to the whole aspect of the academe, but studies have shown the importance of play in kids development.

    I’m currently working for a project with PLAY Universal, a social enterprise that focuses on the integral role of this kind of play in the development of kids. As a parent, I adhere to their advocacy, and I believe it to be my duty (aside from the fact that I’m an advertising executive), to help increase awareness and create a groundswell.

    We are inviting Mom and teacher bloggers to spread the word, and I certainly hope you could. We have workshops on October at SMX and we’re also inviting parents and educators to participate. I can give you more details about the campaign and if you wish to get in touch, you can reach me at:

    Thanks and best wishes,

  3. Miss Tina:

    Have you heard of a Progressive school kicking out a 3-year-old from the institution, because the teachers in-charge say that they could not handle him? My 3-year-old son still could not speak. In fact, he is the only one in his class who does not. He has a best friend from whom he’s learned a lot! My son loved going to school. He sang and danced and adores his best friend. He even wears his uniform on a Saturday! On August 17, last week, i received a call from the administrator of the school, U.P. (Unique Progress) Academy – Zamboanga City-. She informed me about the emergency: that my son hurt his teacher. Sounded like my toddler could actually break her nose or choke anyone. Since I was in Manila, I asked my mother to investigate. It was found out that my little boy was VERY THIRSTY, he got his lunchbag from the shelf (yes, without permission because he could not speak) brought the bag to his yaya. But the teacher, Nash, grabbed the bag saying, “Hindi pa 3 o’clock”. My son threw a fit, started rolling on the floor. The teacher picks him up, and tells him “no!”. Sinabunutan sya. My mom got the impression that she was expected to apologize to the teacher? Bacause “Teacher Nash cried and said ‘hindi na nya kaya si Emilio'”. When I met with the school’s administrator and the teacher on Aug. 23, last Tuesday, I was told that my little boy could no longer school there. Surprisingly and so suddenly, there were other reasons for his dismissal. Things I was never informed of. I’m very angry. To add insult to injury they’ve offered a refund of P3,000. Is this possible? UP Academy is the only so-called progressive school in Zamboanga City, and was recommended by my son’s doctor.

    1. Hi mommy Patricia,

      Is this the first incident? Are the teachers of the school trained to handle children with delayed speech or learning disabilities. This does sound too harsh. However, it still goes back to how the school presented it’s philosophy about discipline and class management to the parents. Were they able to explain this before the school year started?

      Being “kicked out” at three is really a rare predicament even in traditional schools… Even more in progressive schools! Based on your story, I’m led to believe that their teachers are not trained to handle discipline well specially with children with learning disabilities or speech delays.

      I hope everything turns out well with your son…

    2. Ms. Patricia, obviously, you have not been looking around well enough. You should know that doctor’s are consigned to promote the schools they are affiliated with, officially or passively. There are a lot of good, and even great, pre-schools in Zamboanga City. UP Academy may have “Progressive” written in their names, but, my God, their educational system is horrible. My son enrolled at a summer program there years before. Mas magaling pa siyang mag-English kaysa sa teacher niya. You should at least ask your friends where they send their kids to school to. Ang daming bata sa Zamboanga. Sure enough, may mga magagaling na schools na magca-cater doon.

  4. Miss Tina,

    It was the very first incident that I was informed about (by the school). Other petty issues I learned from the yaya. So far all I know is, he’s been into 2 kiddie fights over a toy, and that he tried to bite a caregiver when he was asked to stop playing with the faucet. Besides those, I was confident everything was fine because I had not been contacted about any ‘misbehavior’ in class. We do not have a speech therapist here, so I decided to enroll my kid in this progressive school so he could socialize with other kids, knowing that sometimes, they learn to speak from kids their age. I’m afraid he’s like the father who spoke when he was 7! But then again I chose the school over getting an Occupational Therapist because it’s about time my little boy mingled with kids of his age group. The school was highly recommended by the child psychologist. My kid was in his uniform the other day and was trying to put on his socks. Sad. And I’m still shocked — and angry. Especially after I read their recommendation letter. But thank you so much for writing back, Ma’am! I hope you could enlighten me some more on this. It’s just not fair.

  5. With DepEd Permit to operate since 2006,we have built our teaching,curricula and culture around the child-centered,experienced-based approach to education.Managing complaints appropriately,using fair and consistent practice,is an important part of our school operations.We would appreciate that facts be verified and data presented in order to resolve the issues objectively.Thank you.

  6. Hi Teacher Tina, I am wondering why we have not received a response from your end and why our reply was not published. We have been getting comments about this blog and would like a fair chance to air our side so the public may know. Teacher Dulce, FLCD was in Zamboanga last summer and she mentioned that she knows you. May I request for a return call at your convenient time? My PLDT Manila no. is 925-6700. Thanks.

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