Seminar alert!

At last! Raya and Nest join forces to give you one of the best seminars about Progressive Education in January 2017. Teacher Ani Almario of Raya School  and I will talk about a topic closest to our teaching hearts. We will also open the doors of Raya and Nest for a field trip as part of the seminar! Here are the details and we hope to see you all there!

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MomSchool series by Mommy Mundo

Mommy Mundo, the go-to resource portal for active, modern moms in the Philippines, presents the first talk in its MomSchool series on March 21, 2015 (9:00 am – 12:00 nn) at The Forum, Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City.


I’m so excited to be part of it as I give tips on How to Find a School, Comparing Traditional and Progressive Schools and How to be a Partner to your Child’s Teacher. With me will be Ryce Calunsag of Learning Libraries who will be discussing How to Raise a Bilingual Child.

Participation is FREE! Please text 0908-865-7245 to register.

Hope to see all the followers of this blog so I can answer all your questions in person!

How the progressive approach can make you a better teacher..even if you teach in a traditional school!

Last week, we had another Progressive Early Childhood Education seminar up North. Before we speak with teachers, we get information on the school and how our approach can complement and not go against their existing curriculum. The approach and basic concepts of progressive education can help any teacher, regardless if their school is progressive or not. So teachers, listen up!


1. Know your students. Progressive education is child-centered. However, most traditional schools usually have packaged curricula that need to be unpacked regardless of the developmental skills of the students. One size should fit all. In reality, not all the students can follow the same pace.

During the first weeks of class, try to make a short observation log for each student that not only contains basic information but also interests, strengths, and weaknesses that you observed. If you notice a student having hard time with your Math lesson plan, for example, suggest websites that offer free Math activities. They can do this when they get home.

I understand that most school teachers have more than 25 students in a class and this may be difficult to do. But trust me when I say that your teaching can actually become easier if you try to get to know your students more and prescribe ways to work on their weaknesses and highlight their strengths.

2. Make activities more experiential. “Think of your most vivid school memory, whether good or bad.” I asked this from our recently concluded teacher seminar and their replies confirmed John Dewey’s belief of experiential learning or learning through experiences. One teacher said, “I remember a poetry reading contest that I joined and I was supposed to read ‘O Captain, My Captain’. Since the role needed me to look poor, my parents made me dress up in a dirty dress and they washed coffee all over me to make me look dirty. I cried when I saw the other participants who were spankingly clean!! I turned to my parents and said ‘How can you dress me up this way?!’ I had no choice but to read my poem in dirty clothes. Lo and behold, I won the contest!”

I asked that teacher, “Who wrote ‘O Captain, My Captain’?” She answered, “Walt Whitman”. The poetry reading contest happened 10 years ago and not only did she remember the author, I can bet she can recite the whole poem still. Why? Because it was wrapped around the experience of joining that poetry contest.

Children learn through experience and they remember things that they are involved in. I then told that group of teachers, that they are now the memory-makers of their students. I hardly hear children say they remembered something because they studied for it in school. They remember things that they have experienced rather than things they’ve memorized.

3. Use themes close to the interest of the students. In our school, our teacher are keen observers and listeners. They usually know what their students are currently watching, reading, playing , eating, etc. because they engage in a lot of conversations with them. I had to watch through PowerPuff Girls, Barney all the way to today’s Sofia the First and Dora the Explorer; read The Hunger Games Trilogy and other young adult literature and listen to Taylor Swift‘s whole RED album, just to learn what they’re interested in! Once you know this, you can use these to deliver your lesson plan and voila, you will get their much coveted attention.

4. Unleash your creativity! Believe me when I say that all of us are creative. Check out your strength and use that to jumpstart your creativity in your teaching. If you are a teacher who can sing, find songs that you can change the lyrics to suit your lesson plan and sing to your students. If you can draw, why not have illustrations in your powerpoint that you yourself drew? Find new ways to deliver an otherwise boring lesson plan and , again, you will get your students’ much coveted attention.

5. Work with parents. Your students are members of basic family units that influence their beliefs, behavior and values. You will only meet the goals you set for your students if you partner up with the people they spend most of their time with.  Apart from the scheduled Parent-Teacher Conferences, try to have small chats with parents during drop-off and pick-up times.

**We would like to thank the preschool teachers and Bachelor of Elementary Education  students of First City Providential College for last week’s PRESCHOOL EDUCATION seminar! If you want us to talk to your teachers or parents, you can contact us at teachertinazamora(at)gmail(dot)com.

How to Build a Progressive Preschool Seminar .. Updated!

How to Build a Progressive Preschool Seminar

April 12-14, 2012 (9:00 am to 4:00 pm)

Aurora Function Room, Quezon City Sports Club, E. Rodriguez Avenue, Quezon City

(a shuttle from the original venue, Ateneo de Manila, will be available to bring participants to the new venue)

Teacher Tina Zamora, directress and founder of Nest School, will share all her expertise and experiences regarding progressive education and progressive program practices in a 3-day seminar. If you’re a teacher, school owner or parent, learn the answers to the following questions from the leading progressive school in the country:j

What is Progressive Education? The speaker will present the foundations of the progressive philosophy, its proponents and what sets it apart from other philosophies.

What is Whole Child Development? The speaker will explain the different domains of a child and the importance and value of each.

What is a Progressive School? The speaker will enumerate the building blocks of a progressive school — its physical environment, temporal environment, curriculum planning and implementation.

Who is the Progressive School Teacher? The speaker will show the qualifications, job descriptions and evaluation of the progressive teacher.

What are the DepEd requirements in putting up a preschool? The speaker will explain the new K+12 DepEd requirements, documentation and other licensing requirements of a preschool.

How does a progressive school operate? The speaker will explain the processes and day-to-day operational activities of a school.

To register, please click on this link. Your registration will be final upon payment of the registration fee:

PhP 10,000 (inclusive of lunch and snacks, hand-outs and post-seminar services)

Group discounts:

For a group of 10 teachers, group will get a 30% discount.

For a group of 5 teachers, group will get 25% discount.

Please deposit to :

Nest School, BDO AC#1490067343 

For provincial deposits:

Kreslly S. Saet, Metrobank AC# 304739514-4

Please fax the deposit slip to Telefax No. 434-7601.

For inquiries, you may call 433-8548.

Save the Date: How to Build a Progressive Preschool !

Here it is! The much awaited seminar for teachers and school owners will be on April 12 to 14, 2012. The topics to be discussed are:

The Progressive Philosophy

School Operations and Staffing

Licenses and Permits

Progressive curriculum and planning

Dep Ed requirements for the Kindergarten Level

Save the date and watch out for more details, discounts and freebies on this blog.

WiaPS The Seminar: A Success!

What a great fellowship with parents and teachers! Last March 27, this blog had its first meet-and-greet with its readers in Mom and Tina’s Libis, Pasig. Until the next one!

WiaPS: The Seminar! (Final Update!)

Okay guys, after getting numerous requests to attend the seminar, we have decided to categorize the participants by parents and teachers/school owners. Here are the final details:

Date:  March 27, 2010 (Saturday)

Venue: Mom and Tina’s (Pasig/Libis), across SM Hypermart Pasig

Time:  For parents interested in the Progressive Philosophy, 2-4 pm

For teachers/school owners who want to put up a school or improve the one they have, 4-6 pm

Fee:  PhP500 to cover food and venue

Registration: The seminar is only for 10 parents and 10 teachers/ school owners. If you are interested, you have to write a comment on this post on the topic you wish us to discuss. I will then send you an e-mail on how to confirm your registration and remit payment. The winner of the free slot will be announced next week!

See you on the 27th!