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  1. Teacher Tina,

    I need some enlightenment. Please help me. What is the difference between a progressive school and a developmental appropriate school? I’m getting good feedback about STI preschool but they’re not a progressive school.

    And another, I really want to enroll my daughter to a progressive school this year, but would it be ok if I also enroll her in Kumon for reading class and another for a Singaporean Math class? Won’t that make her system confused?

    I would really appreciate your response.

    Have a blessed new year teacher tina!

    1. Hi jersey mom! Sorry for the delayed reply. Im just getting back to answer the blog comments. A developmentally appropriate school is the same as a progressive school. Just make sure that all the indications that I narrated in this blog is also in the school you’re checking out. You can also check out the DAP site at the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) for guidelines.

      Unfortunately, i dont have much information about Kumon or Singaporean Math. What we implement is a more hands on, experiential method in teaching math so the students can visualize and understand it more.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Thank you so much for replying. I greatly appreciate it.

    You’re definitely helping many moms like me.

    I’ve already checked out almost all progressive schools here in pque including Create which you recommended. The fee ranges from 40-80k. Does it really mean that the school is good if its expensive?

    May I ask for your thoughts about Scholastic Literacy Program. One of the progressive schools here is licensed to have this curriculum.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge to us. God bless.

  3. Hi Teacher Tina! Just want to check if you know any progressive schools in Nueva Ecija or Tarlac?

  4. My 12 yo son is graduating from Grade 6. He does not like trad school. can you pls recommend some progressive hs here near fairview area? he is bright and active but gets bored in trad schools. trad schools will not understand him.
    thank you very much, ms tin.

    great site.

  5. Hi teacher Tina! I’m doing a paper on the Traditional Education and Progressive Education in the Philippines but my poor research skills can’t seem to find a decent source. If it’s okay, can you recommend any? It seems that that the progressive education is only applied to primary and secondary education. Do you think it’s better if they apply this is colleges? what schools in the country have the progressive education? It would be of great help if you respond. Thank you so much ad God bless!

  6. hi teacher tina,
    can you please suggest progressive schools in fairview qc? unfortunately the growing place is full already for nursery. thank you so much.

  7. hi teacher tina! I’m at a lost… i got a a call from my daughters school that she failed in 2 subjects. her option is to repeat 3rd year HS or transfer to another school. what should i do?

  8. Hi Teacher Tina,

    I currently enrolled my almost 4 year old son for a summer session in a traditional preschool in our neighborhood where his kuya graduated from. my worry is that he refuses to enter the classroom but is excited of going to school. he stays inside the school premises but refuses to sit down inside the classroom. i feel that he is not fit for a traditional school and i should look for a progressive/interactive learning institution for him. Can you recommend schools in the area of sta rosa laguna?


    1. Hi Annie! Well, he is only 4 so all the things you mentioned is reflective of a 4-y.o. For that area, the only school I went to was Acacia Waldorf. have you visited them?

  9. Hi teacher Tina,

    My 2sons are studying in sbca. I had problem with my youngest that’s currently in grade2. He get bored and seem very pressured with their activity. They have 30+ student in the class and mostly left independent doing their worksheets and other activities. They have lots of exams and assignments. My youngest have tutor everyday because he has low grades half of his subjects but still he said that he keep on getting low grades because in the school he is not comfortable and said its different there. Maybe he feel pressured inside the classroom. He is a playful child but hardly had time to play now because we keep on doing school activities even in the house so that he can catch up. I think its best for him to transfer to a progressive school or a Montessori which is best that can focus on each student and bring out the best of each child. I hope you can recommend me a good school in alabang area.

    Thank you,

  10. Hi. My daughter is turning six and is kinder at a Catholic progressive school (Lamblight Catholic School) here in Bacolod. She thrives in her school and loves going to school. I am looking into moving back to Manila. Could you recommend a progressive school (preferably Catholic) for prep and elementary/high school in the Alabang/Muntinlupa/Las Pinas areas? Thanks a lot.

  11. Hi teacher Tina, my 3 kids are so used with the progressive method,however, we have to relocate from pasig to cavite.im having a hard time looking for a progressive school..can you look for me, we will be staying in GMA cavite? Appreciate you response..

  12. Hi Teacher Tina! I am so glad that there is a forum like this one, and that I can consult with someone interactively. Anyway, if I may ask your expertise, my son is currently enrolled at a Traditional exclusive school for boys along Katipunan, where he is Prep and going to be Grade 2 next school year. I do believe that he is OK there as he is already enjoying it with his new found friends, classmates and teachers. But then his Dad is now considering sending him to an International School. I am scared of a lot of things for my son in transferring him to IS: Catholic teaching is not strong, bullying may be rampant, my son might shy-off as he’s going to miss his school, classmates which he is attached to right now with the new environment of IS. Please enlighten me on this as we only want the best for our son. You see, my son belongs to a broken family, basically I think the reason why his dad wants him to go to IS. For him the traditional school is not helping our son to accept the reality of a broken family, which I oppose because I can see that the guidance councilor is doing her job on it. Thank you very much.

  13. Hello Mam Tina,

    My son is turning two this May and we are considering to enroll my son in toddler school, can you recommend any toddler school near Cubao Araneta or San Juan City Area which uses either progressive or DAP method of teaching.

    Thank you very much…..

  14. Hi Teacher Tina, i believe in the benefits a progressive school can give to your child’s education. My only concern is that while there are several progressive preschools in the country I cant say the same for big schools, unless im not well informed. If i pursue a progressive education for my child early on, i have limited choices for progressive schools when she reaches grade school. Could you please help me identified what big schools are now into the progressive method of teaching? Thanks!

  15. Hi Teacher Tina,

    We recently visited your school and I would say…we were happy we did! This is what we have been looking for. Our daughter happens to be deaf and our developmental pedia recommended a progressive school. We would love to enroll her for academic year 2014-2015 in NEST.
    By the way, we also have a website aimed to support and connect with other parents raising deaf and hard of hearing kids. We hope you can visit our site sometime : http://www.Decibelsofhope.com and I also run a blog under the same site.
    Thank you so much for providing good insights to parents. It is my belief that we, parents are our kids’ best advocate…but we can do this more gracefully if teachers and educators help us.
    Thanks again…


  16. hi. im a mom of an ADHD 6yo child. we live in valenzuela. i would love to hear your feedback regarding JASMS Qc? are they deped accredited? they offer sped. please help. ty

  17. Hi teacher Tina, my daughter is currently in a progressive international school in Libis. It is a great school but my husband and I think we should consider moving her closer to where we live (Taguig). Would you have any recommendations for progressive schools in the Taguig area? She would going into 1st grade.

  18. hi.teacher tina, my daughter is tranfer her in manila this year,how to fine a nice school for her, she be come a 5fh grade,, i want school not far in my place her in vito cruz,, thank you so much,

  19. Hi Teacher Tina!

    Please recommend a progressive school near Calamba, Laguna. Also have you heard of The Learning Place in Los Banos? If yes, would you recommend it? My son will be 2 1/2 next school year and I’m scouting for a good progressive school that can fit to our budget. Thank you in advance =)

    1. HI! Try L’ Abri Academie Inc. in San Vicente Ferrer Road, Calamba, Laguna. It is a progressive school that offers toddler day care, SPED, preschool and Primary 1-3. It has Singapore Math and Foreign Language in the curriculum. The matriculation fee is very reasonable. Try to contact through (049) 502-8848 or 0947-700-7146.

  20. Hi Teacher Tina. Please recommend a progressive school here in Cainta/Pasog area. My son was diagnosed with speech delay and currently attending a traditional school. He’s 7 yo and in grade 1. We think he’s having a hard time catching up with their lessons. Hope you can help us. Thanks in advance.

  21. Hi teacher Tina. I’m Chai. I have a son who’s currently enrolled in Center for Children’s Well Being as K1. It’s a progressive school. After this school year lilipat na kami sa novaliches qc, i’m looking for progressive school there can you recommend as such within that area? I’m also thinking UP IS kasi low ang tuition fee, single mom po kasi ako kaya lahat ng pagba-budget ginagawa ko. I work in a call center po. Please help po. Thanks.

  22. hi teacher Tina. I am a clinical psychology by degree and already got my license in teaching. I am well aware of the progressive curriculum. Just wanted to ask if its possible that the school adhere to 3 ideology. Like Eclectic in essence. I am actually wanting to put my own prep school and i thinking what would be our curriculum, i do believe in uniqueness of every child and im wondering if i could do eclectic program. Just wanted to know your insight about this. Hoping for your reply. I am a fan 🙂

    1. Hi Teacher Benz! Thanks for passing by the blog. I’m wary about an eclectic philosophy because it is not clearly defined.. and an unclear philosophy will lead to an unclear curriculum. Do you have an idea or picture on what you want your school to be?

  23. I m very happy to read all your messages to teacher tina. Ive found out that there are lots of parents who are willing to send their child in a progressive school wherein they can assure that their children will learn better.i hope we can start our toddlers progressive school in our place and im looking 4ward that the parents here will embrace progressive curriculum. GOD BLESS US ALL!

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